Is it safe & legal to play live casinos in India?

Is it safe & legal to play live casinos in India?

Online gambling has taken the world by storm. Many people today prefer gambling online as opposed to visiting a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. However, in India, there is a strict law governing gambling. Although the law in India is outdated and has not tackled many things that have something to do with online gambling, it is still important to observe caution when playing live casino games, be it in online or land-based casinos.

The distinction between online gaming and online gambling 

Online gaming and online gambling are often used interchangeably, and there is a fine line between the two. Online gaming is all about virtual games played by multiple players for leisure and entertainment purposes. But, on the other hand, online gambling pertains to online activities or games that involve money as a prize. So, whenever there’s money involved, online gaming becomes online gambling.

Is online casino legal in India? 

There is no federal law that prohibits online gambling in the country. What the government does is gives every Indian state the freedom to regulate gambling rules. Therefore, it is important to know the state’s gambling rules beforehand to ensure you will not be held liable, which could lead you to a fine and imprisonment. States like Tamil Nadu is forbidden from operating online casino games, especially the ones considered online games of skill. Another state that prohibits online and land-based gambling is Maharashtra.

The states of Goa and Sikkim regulate gambling to some extent. These two states allowed land-based gambling but to a minimum capacity, especially where the entire world is in a pandemic crisis. However, there are distinctions between gambling that involves skills and luck. The recent reviews by aim to help gamblers in India come up with an informed decision when it comes to gambling choices.

Regulating gambling activities according to luck and skills

India’s law differentiates gambling into two – luck/chance and skills. In some states, a game of skills like poker and horse racing events are regulated. There’s a separate rule regarding a game of chance or luck like bingo and slot machine games. To ensure safety while gambling in India, it would be best if you are going to sign up for an account with an international online casino. By doing so, you can play all sorts of casino games, be it luck or skill-based, and will not have to worry if you will be held liable against the law.

Can you get arrested when gambling online in India? 

Online gambling in India is legal in some states and not in other states. If you refer to Telangana Gaming Act, you will notice that there is no distinction between online and offline gambling, but to stay on the safe side, you should play only at international casino sites. India has no legal rights in online casinos located outside its jurisdiction. For the record, not a single person in India is arrested for participating in an online lottery and online gambling sites, but it does not mean you can be lax with your gambling habit. You have to apply caution at all times.

India is one of the countries in the world with a traditional gambling law. Even now that we live in a modern world, there are still states in India where land-based gambling is not allowed. Those who want to experience gambling in land-based casinos need to travel to Indian states where gambling is regulated, such as in the state of Goa. Fortunately, gamblers in India have another option: to gamble online by registering at an international online casino site. The number of international online gambling sites well-accepting to Indian players are vast, making choosing a daunting task. Therefore, you have to do thorough research so you can increase the possibility of finding a highly credible casino site and maximize your gaming experience.

So to answer the question of whether online gambling is legal in India or not, it all boils down to which Indian state you are located in and what particular online casino site you are playing. For Indian states with vague views about online gambling, it is best to play discretely. More so, you have to ensure you are playing casino games at an offshore online casino, for the Indian government has no jurisdiction over it. At the end of the day, it all boils down to knowing the basic gambling law, know your available option, and act accordingly. Always keep in mind that the law excuses no one, and you can’t use ignorance as an excuse not to be held liable and accountable. So start your online gambling journey by knowing what online gambling law is all about. That way, you will come up with an informed decision, prevent any activities that could compromise your safety, and, most of all, maximize your overall online gambling experience.

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