Is Gambling in Casinos More Addictive than Gambling Online?

Is Gambling in Casinos More Addictive than Gambling Online?

You probably work or conduct most of your activities from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You’re not alone in this since most sectors now operate remotely. Gambling also transitioned from brick-and-mortar facilities to online sites.

Online gambling was present even before COVID-19 emerged. However, the situation around COVID-19 made it more prominent. It became a great way to pass the time for some people but addictive for others.

There is a bit of concern between the addictiveness of gambling in casinos vs. online gambling. Which of the two is more addictive? Regardless, there is no doubt that gambling can be addictive if you are not careful.

Why is Gambling Addictive?

Gambling addictions, just like all addictions, have a medical root. Essentially, this type of addiction emerges when the insula part of your brain becomes overactive and distorts your thinking. As your thinking grows more and more distorted, you begin to see patterns and endless possibilities, making you bet or gamble further. The hope is that the near misses prove that you are not wrong and that a win is only a bet away.

This ties in well with scientists’ findings that your brain will always pursue rewards. The reward makes you feel good. Hoping for that reward also gives you a good feeling and creates a cycle.

Essentially, gambling has connections with dopamine, a chemical in your brain that makes you feel good. Eventually, the constant desire to get quick rewards turns an activity that should be a one-off into an addiction. Sadly, when gambling addiction sets in fully, you would no longer find normal activities rewarding. You feel the urge to feed your craving for gambling to such an extent that it transitions into a daily activity.

You also should understand that gambling addiction could be the result of other factors. Some of these factors could be out of your control, while you can change others. These factors could be biological causes, such as your genetics and physiology; or, psychological causes, such as reducing stress, overcoming boredom, benefiting from pleasurable sensations, or coping with adverse situations/feelings.

The Lure of In-Person Gambling

In-person gambling involves visiting a brick-and-mortar venue to place a bet in the hope of getting a win. It is just as enticing as online betting because you hope to win real money with pokies. Nevertheless, several studies show internet gambling could be more addictive than traditional casinos.

Despite that, traditional casinos continue to attract tons of gamblers for various reasons. A few factors and traits of traditional casinos make them quite appealing to many gamers. These include:

  • Non-stop offering and presence of alcohol
  • Flashy, complex, and cool ambiance as well as architecture
  • Physical betting experience
  • Interactions with other gamblers

Convenience Difference

Online gambling could be more addictive primarily because of the convenience it offers. The fact that you do not have to leave the comfort and warmth of your home to place a bet and win is unbeatable.

It also does not heavily interfere with your daily schedule. You could place an online bet while riding the subway or cab to work or home. It is much easier to incorporate online gambling into your everyday life.

Social Interaction

Brick-and-mortar casinos are often popular because of the whole package they offer, especially in terms of social interaction. There is a bit of interaction in online gambling though this is mostly through chats. That said, nothing compares to the vibrant social atmospheres that traditional casinos offer.

Players often buy drinks for each other and spark new conversations. The highly trained dealers also know how to keep people engaged and the atmosphere lively. Nevertheless, the lack of proper social interaction in online gambling could still draw you towards it. While some people prefer interacting with other humans, others crave a more solitary experience.

Online and Offline Gambling are Both Addictive

Betting is now more accessible because of the power of online betting. Traditional casinos may not be as readily available in your neighborhood as you would like. For this reason, digital betting is more appealing in these COVID-19 times.

However, a bit of caution is necessary here. As accessible and attractive as online betting is, it could propel you into a gambling addiction from which you could never emerge with your mental health intact. Enter the world of gambling with caution and enjoy all it has to offer in a positive way. 

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