Important T&C that you have to take into account when using bonuses on cryptocurrency bookmakers

Important T&C that you have to take into account when using bonuses on cryptocurrency bookmakers

Due to the lack of new betting features and options, many betting operators focus on their bonuses to attract more people. Some companies also provide apps and special safety features, but it seems like the promotions attract loads of new clients, especially those who use digital currencies. You can actually check out Stake’s bonuses if you are looking for a top-tier crypto betting site because this is among the biggest companies in this field. Hence, the promotions found on this operator are on another level.

Speaking of promotions, if you take a look at a given company’s T&C, you will see that every proposition has some rules bettors must adhere to. Some of them are strict, and users need to abide by them, whereas others are just there so that people know what to do.

Although every crypto bonus has specific rules, some of them can be found on pretty much every operator. So, let’s go over them and see what to expect.


The fact that you use cryptocurrency for online betting will allow you to avoid showing your banking information. Furthermore, it will save you from having to verify your account to make a payment. However, this doesn’t mean digital currencies will allow you to use bonuses that don’t have any limitations.

For better or worse, even the top-tier crypto bookies provide promotions that are not available for everything. Specific promotions are available to those who deposit with a certain digital currency. However, you can also find other kinds of limits, such as those related to a specific betting section.

There are bonuses that people can test if they decide to wager on sports. Of course, many operators also offer exclusive casino proposals that give more additional money and even offer free spins.

The no deposit bonuses are usually not as good as you might think

One of the several things that impacted some operators’ popularity is their no deposit bonuses. Everyone likes to use something for free, so having access to extra funds or a free bet can do wonders. Needless to say, the no deposit bonus is one of the rarest propositions, so don’t be surprised if you check the Stake bonus code and realize that it is not available yet.

Although some crypto betting platforms might provide this offer, you may be disappointed when you read more information about it. You will probably have access to extra funds or something else, but this company may require you to deposit in order to withdraw your winnings. In some cases, you have to add a specific amount of money using Bitcoin or other digital currencies to get the offer in the first place.

The mobile bonus may not work unless you use a specific digital currency

No deposit bonuses are rare, but they are not the only thing punters won’t be able to find on every online bookmaker. Even though some of the regular bookies and those that focus on cryptocurrencies offer them, mobile promotions are one of the rarest propositions in this industry. Luckily, some of the top crypto sites like Stake offer their mobile users the opportunity to try every desktop promotion on the go.

There are cases where bettors can find unique mobile propositions that regular clients won’t have access to. However, the only way to put them to the test is by making a deposit using a specific digital currency. The latter usually includes Bitcoin or Ethereum, but some operators provide Dogecoin bonuses.

Regardless of the bookie and the promo you pick, make sure to learn more information about it. You can do that by checking the T&C and contacting customer support.

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