ICO Marketing – An Actionable Guide for 2022

ICO Marketing – An Actionable Guide for 2022

The market of crypto assets keeps growing. A new wave of cryptocurrencies can happen at any moment. The companies that are interested in starting their own initial coin offering (ICO) may face a lot of competition.

A strong marketing plan is crucial for bringing in a great audience and turning consumers into investors. ICO marketing services can help you follow the regulations while preparing for an initial coin offering launch. Let’s see how this can be achieved from a marketing perspective.

1. How is ICO Marketing different?

When it comes to marketing, every industry demonstrates different behaviors. Your marketing agency may fail to promote your ICO due to a poor understanding of cryptocurrency. This market is different from the mainstream. Apart from ICO marketing services, businesses and governments are also establishing some regulations.

The crypto market is spread across the world. Nevertheless, it can be reached through a few clicks. This doesn’t have any impact on privacy matters.

2. How to market an ICO?

ICO marketing focuses on the ability of crowdfunding to restructure fundraising. The right form of branding can develop numerous ways of convincing customers. So can you make your audience believe in your idea?

Go Out To Private Investors

Private investors are allowed to take part in the development of your ICO marketing strategy. The following tools must be considered:

  •         Airdrops
  •         Display ads
  •         Community building & social media
  •         Influencer marketing resources
  •         Articles on crypto media (blog posts, news websites, and other publications)
  •         Email
  •         Press release, etc.

Go For Institutional Investors

Institutional investors can also be involved in the development of your ICO marketing strategy. A lesser communication process includes more effort:

  •         Networking
  •         Direct marketing
  •         Press release
  •         Social events and conferences, etc.

Please mind that institutional investors usually join at the later stage of the crypto project. This will be a post-ICO marketing strategy.

3. Build a Strong Community

What are ICO marketing services? Can they exist without a strong community? Let’s be honest. Good ICO marketing is hardly possible without a reliable source of information, people who use the product.

You can always get a real number of followers before opening the doors toward them. A solid community should be one of your primary goals since it builds up a stable foundation. , In the near future, it will enable your project’s reputation.

4. Airdrops still bring impact to ICO marketing

Most successful marketing campaigns offer freebies to prospective customers/ investors. Once a blockchain-based startup reaches its audience, it can use an airdrop campaign. It drives awareness about crypto projects like Aktie Social, Eligma, and Bunny Token.

The information about airdropped tokens is directed toward the targeted audience. In most cases, social media posts and popular forums are used. Some additional Make sure guidelines are used to boost your chances of success:

  •         Build trust by creating a high-quality website and leading active communication on social media channels.
  •         Reach the right balance between free tokens.
  •         Create a realistic goal for the airdrop campaign.

5. Promote your ICO with Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is probably the quickest way to create a community for your ICO. One of the main issues associated with paid advertising is the list of rules and policies.

These days, multiple crypto advertising resources (for example, Coinzilla) can help you promote your crypto project and reach your target audience through different forms of advertising.

When choosing an advertising network, there are a few things to consider. These include:

  •         Size of its publisher network
  •         Valid campaign creation tools
  •         Active ad formats
  •         Available statistics
  •         Professional customer support

6. A well-planned crypto PR campaign will improve your ICOs reach

Press releases have become an effective way to encourage brand awareness and improve a brand image. Getting a major crypto publication to introduce and explain your business might require massive investments. Before you decide on the investment, answer the following questions:

  •         What websites are used?
  •         Did they get enough funds involved to support the project?
  •         Did they hit the hard cap?

Explore the market and see what USP (Unique Selling Point) needs to be promoted to get the best chance of engaging new audiences. Once your research is complete, you should create your press release by positioning your ICO in an attractive manner.

8. Content Marketing for ICOs

Facebook, Instagram, and other popular networks don’t allow you to use ads on their platform. Content marketing is a powerful tool to be applied to upgrade your business. For example, Facebook is a social media resource that doesn’t support cryptocurrency token sale ads. But it enables the access to the promotion of events, news about cryptocurrencies, and education on blockchain technology. It also enables the promotion of crypto trading resources, hardware/ software for crypto mining, and trades of crypto assets. However, special permission needs to be obtained.

 9. Videos – some information is best explained visually

The use of video content has become a crucial part of ICO marketing. When it comes to social media resources or business platforms, videos have a bigger impact than any other kind of visual post. By the way, 54% of consumers is interested in more relevant video content from the top ICO marketing services company.

10. Stay Connected with your Customers via Email Marketing

Email marketing is known as a powerful instrument to be utilized during the ICO marketing campaign. Of course, its efficiency is guaranteed by proper accomplishment.

When it comes to email marketing, the steps to focus on include:

  •         Goal planning
  •         Perks for customer loyalty
  •         Relevant data

The final word

ICO marketing can be tough. But it can help you achieve the desired result with the right strategy.

Now that you have gone through the above guide, you know how to get effective assistance. ICO marketing services have sufficient knowledge and expertise to take your company to a totally new level. So if you want to get your job done professionally then you contact professionals. With the best knowledge in ICO marketing, you can take the processes under control.

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