Huawei Cloud Launches Global Blockchain Service

Huawei Cloud Launches Global Blockchain Service

Huawei Cloud has shared an official press release announcing the launch of its Blockchain Service (BCS). This is the cloud services arm of Huawei Global, launched the BCS earlier this year in China for commercial use. With this announcement, the BCS is now open to audiences around the world and it is available on the international website of Huawei Cloud.

The blockchain service gives developers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to build, manage, and deploy blockchain applications on the Huawei Cloud at a reduced rate and, of course, lightning pace. In addition, this global launch by Huawei Cloud will be the foundation for a “distributed global blockchain platform” in the near future.

The BCS as a cloud service “leverages on the blockchain and on some of the advantages inherent in the Huawei Cloud container and security technologies.” According to Huawei Global, industries such as finance, data applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) to name a few, can make use of the BCS. Furthermore, the company believes that the BCS has the capacity to offer a wide coverage in scenarios like food source tracing, IoT device management, remote healthcare, identity verification, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), data transactions, and proof of information.

The Blockchain Service has been touted as “flexible and efficient, among other things” by Huawei. The service offers users “multiple efficient consensus algorithms (5,000+TPS).” It also makes it easy for one to join, switch, or quit multi-role members and nodes. The press release also highlighted the low cost involved in deploying the BCS in addition to “reduced O&M costs with unified management and its security and privacy protections, which the company claims can manage and isolate users, permission and their private keys and still provide multi-layer encryption and privacy for users.”

Several companies are currently investigating and exploring different applications of blockchain technology across numerous industrial sectors, but this move by Huawei has taken it a bit further by courtesy of the deployment of the distributed ledger technology on a cloud service. Developers have to be familiar with the concepts and terminologies relating to deployment under the blockchain technology since it can be a time-consuming process.

In 2016, Huawei launched the Linux Foundation with Hyperledger, a popular open-source project in the blockchain industry. Since then, the company has been consistently recognized as Hyperledger’s major maintainer mostly because of its continuous code and technical contributions to STL and Fabric. Thus, it has maintained its status as Asia’s only Hyperledger maintainer.

In conclusion
Huawei Cloud has officially announced the launch of its Blockchain Service. As per this announcement, global audiences can now make use of the service to create, deploy, and manage blockchain applications on the Cloud at a cost-effective rate and with blistering pace.

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