How to look for the best odds on crypto sportsbooks

How to look for the best odds on crypto sportsbooks

With the introduction of cryptocurrency into the betting industry, several sportsbooks have adopted it as a mode of transaction. These sportsbooks operate like the regular ones, offering several sports options for players to wager on. In the same vein, the best crypto sportsbooks offer odds like any regular sportsbook. Therefore, odds operate the same way on these sites as it does in traditional bookmakers.

Basically, all types of odds serve two purposes. The first is to indicate the outcome of a wager. The second serves to indicate how much a player could win on that stake. Several also factors influence the odds in a crypto sportsbook which could change the outcome of a bet. 

Therefore, as a gambler, you must have a strong understanding of the odds of a game. With this, let’s look at the types of odds and how to find the best odds in crypto sportsbooks.

Types of betting odds

There are three main types of odds. These are:

  • American/Moneyline odds
  • British/Fractional odds
  • European/Decimal odds

These odds work in the same manner. However, the difference is that sportsbooks use them in several locations and in different forms.

American/Moneyline odds

American odds, as the name implies, are very popular in the United States. In this odd, you identify the favorites with a negative sign indicating how much you will stake to win $100. 

On the other hand, a positive sign accompanies underdogs indicating the amount you will win for every $100 you bet. In both situations, you get your initial bet in addition to your profit.

British/Fractional odds

Fractional odds are most common among British and Irish sportsbooks. These odds always present themselves in a fractional format. For instance, you could have an odd of 5/1 or 5-1 which is also pronounced as five-to-one. 

To understand these odds, you should understand the position of the upper and the lower numbers. The upper number signifies how much you can win, while the lower indicates how much you stake. For instance, a wager of $10 on 10/1 means that you’ll win $100 for your $10 stake.

European/Decimal odds

Decimal odds are more common in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. This is one of the easiest odds to understand as it is easy to spot the underdogs and the favorites. The decimal odds signify how much you will win for every $1 you wager. Here, the decimal number comprises your total payout, which includes your profit and initial wager.

For clarification, favorites are the high competitors that players expect will win the game. On the other hand, underdogs are expected to lose in a bet.

How to find the best betting odds

Finding the right odds will help you maximize the value of your stake. Therefore, when reading odds, it is important to find the best value for those odds. So, listed below are the steps to take when looking for the best odds in a crypto sportsbook.

Find the right crypto sportsbook 

Choosing a sportsbook is one of the essential elements to consider before wagering. For crypto sportsbooks, there are certain factors you must look out for on its platform. The first should be the sportsbooks’ website and accessibility. 

A standard sportsbook should feature a site that is easy for players to use and go through. It must be one that provides all the necessary details and elements a player needs before betting. 

A second thing to consider is the sporting variety it offers. This is very essential, especially for new players that have no favorite sport. With this, a player can wager on several sporting leagues and tournaments around the world. 

Security is another essential aspect to look out for. A crypto sportsbook, though it has no need for personal information, should be a secured one. To confirm the security status of the site you can read personal reviews or find out on its FAQ page.

Finding the right sport 

Do you have a particular sport that you prefer? If you do, you should start crypto betting on that sport. However, if you are a more versatile player, you can wager on several games. Nonetheless, it is advisable to focus on a particular sport as this gives you better insight into its gameplay. With this, you stand a higher chance of placing winning bets on that game. 

After you have found the right sportsbook and sport for you, then you can apply the knowledge of the several types of odds. Afterward, you can proceed to place your bets at your favorite sportsbook.

Benefits of placing bets at a crypto sportsbook 

Fast transactions 

Using cryptocurrency to place bets on your favorite crypto sportsbook makes deposits and withdrawals fast and easy. Therefore, it is possible to withdraw your winnings at the end of your betting session.

It protects the privacy of its users 

One huge advantage that crypto sportsbooks have over traditional ones is the ability to hide the identity of their players. With cryptocurrency, there is no need to enter private information like your card details. Aside from this, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use blockchain technology. This makes it impossible to trace the identities of gamblers who prefer to remain anonymous.

It reduces the risk of fraud and scams 

Crypto betting does not require the involvement of a third party when performing transactions on sportsbook sites. This is because it has no dealings with your personal bank account. Instead of transferring Fiat currency using your bank, you transfer crypto directly from your crypto wallet.

This wallet features special codes unique to its use. As long as this code is safe, it will be impossible for an external party to assess your digital currency.

Several sports betting options 

Like its traditional counterparts, crypto sportsbooks offer players a variety of sporting options to bet on. These games cut across minor and major tournaments in several parts of the world.


Cryptocurrency presents gamblers with a plethora of better betting options that combine to give a fantastic betting experience. With its new systems and modes of operation, we expect to see better development with time.

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