Globalbase is a unique digital assets exchange platform that uses innovative technology to make cross-border business transactions more accessible, faster, and cost-effective than ever before. Using the Globalbase platform, you can easily buy and sell digital currencies from people worldwide with just an email address or cell phone number, making it much easier to connect with customers on the other side of the globe. Exchange offers an array of features and services that set it apart from other digital currency exchange platforms. After verifying your email address, customers can add their bank details to deposit funds into their accounts to execute transactions and withdrawals smoothly. Users can also purchase coins using fiat currency, although this process does take one business day to complete. This guide will help you learn how Globalbase differs from other exchange platforms and how you can use it to expand your business worldwide.

Why is this exchange platform different from others?

Most Digital assets exchange platforms have a reputation for being difficult to use and complicated, but globalbase is set out to change that. They aim to give digital asset owners a friendly platform where they can transact easily. Whether a beginner or a professional, their technology makes transactions as easy as possible. Their servers are also encrypted with high-level encryption, so even if someone manages to break into your account, they won’t be able to see your information. No other exchange has these levels of security in place, which is why stands out from its competitors.

What are its key features?

Globalbase is an all-in-one platform that allows you to trade with both FIAT and digital assets; make transactions, and manage your entire account using a digital currency or credit card; easily set up merchant accounts to accept payments; fund your exchange account using a bank transfer, credit card or ACH; enter ICO positions by dealing directly without needing a separate wallet. All those features are accessible through a straightforward platform with seamless integration between all its services. The first thing to note about Globalbase is that it already has some pretty impressive partnerships. It has partnered with Mastercard, so users can instantly convert any currency they purchase on Globalbase into any other currency they want (and then back again). They have also partnered with Stripe, which means merchants can quickly create an online store and start accepting digital currency as payment for goods and services. These partnerships mean that users can access various currencies quickly and easily, meaning they won’t need multiple platforms for each service, which saves time and hassle.

What sets it apart from its competition?

Two main things set them apart from other exchange platforms. First, they do not charge any commission for using their platform. The fees are purely dependent on volume. Secondly, unlike other exchanges, they plan to incorporate a marketplace within their platform so users can trade their blockchain assets against each other. They believe allowing people to buy and sell directly will help reduce volatility and increase liquidity in digital currency markets. We also hope it will encourage people to use as a payment method instead of just an investment vehicle. Our goal is to make trading more accessible and user-friendly than ever before.

Who can benefit from using this platform?

While many digital assets exchanges specialize in certain types of digital currencies, that specialization comes at a cost. Because they focus on only one type of coin, these platforms typically offer fewer coins than generalists and often charge a premium for transactions in specialized coins. When you use a generalist exchange like Globalbase, you can access virtually every primary digital currency and avoid overpaying to trade with an ICO or company-sponsored token. When finding reliable digital exchanges for your business needs, it just doesn’t make sense to look past generalists like Globalbase.

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