How Aiamond Converges Blockchain and AI Technology to Revolutionize the Crypto Realm

How Aiamond Converges Blockchain and AI Technology to Revolutionize the Crypto Realm

Emerging as a pioneering enterprise at the frontiers of blockchain and AI technologies, Aiamond is an innovative company that seeks to decentralize the benefits of highly effective trading bots in conjunction with in-depth project knowledge. 

Understanding Aiamond’s Objectives

Significant players leverage scientific techniques and trading robots to reduce risk and enhance profit. Of course, they also conduct a substantial amount of consulting and possess project knowledge. This is exactly where Aiamond plans to come and assist you. Ultimately, their vision is to democratize algorithmic trading since their team has the necessary abilities and experience to design artificial intelligence tactics for your trading bot.  So far, Aiamond has already developed two functional bots ready to enter the field.

Aiamond is supported by an experienced team of IT professionals, leveraging their expertise in the cutting-edge domains of Artificial intelligence, web development technology, and blockchain. Besides, Aiamond gathers experts across all corners of Europe, who are mainly based in Germany, Switzerland, and Spain. Hence, everything will be audited within the confinements of EU law without being constrained by any regulatory limits.

Their endeavor will solely target the crypto market and will not rely on any other markets in any way, shape, or form. Aiamond seeks to assert an active role in the expansion and development of the cryptocurrency market as well as developments related to blockchain technology. 

Most importantly, Aiamond will not only design profitable trading bots, but they have also assigned themselves the responsibility of addressing the application of AI in trading. This is done so that each user can be certain that there is, in fact, the AI behind it, as opposed to it merely being a buzzword for the marketing objectives.

Discovering Aiamond’s Major Milestones 

To materialize their ambitious vision, the first accomplishment will be represented by a crowd-based presale bot (buying in a presale and selling on a multiple of the presale price, based on crowd decisions). Furthermore, the second milestone will be a crowd-facing AI-based stable currency bot. Moving forward, the third milestone will be an AI-based buy & sell bot for tokens that would integrate metrics such as social media KPIs.

Overall, Aiamond values the input of all of the members of the ecosystem. Therefore, all development, marketing, project, and contract decisions are crowd-sourced. In addition, there are a plethora of future developments that emphasize the great potential of Aiamond. With their first NFT collection that is commencing soon on the ETH chain on Opensea, everyone may have the opportunity to participate and vote in audience polls. 

Tokenomics of Aiamond

The experts behind Aiamond are certain that these advantages should be accessible not just to large players and whales, but also to modest investors. In addition to usefulness, usability is also crucial. Consequently, users will not be required to operate a bot manually, since doing so would be time-consuming and demand a high level of technical expertise. Instead, Aiamond will create AI tactics, manage the bot, and let the audience choose the appropriate level of risk. 

Within Aiamond’s ecosystem, there will prevail two distinct token types. The first is an ERC20 token for participation in bot earnings. The incentives are dependent on the dispersed earnings of the bots. Therefore, they want to develop their own ERC-20 token, via which you will be able to benefit from the bot’s labor without even understanding what it does. 

Users will be able to utilize their decentralized application to authorize their bots to spend a certain number of tokens. Their first milestone consists of their bots using this sum depending on community judgments and risk assessments. Following their second milestone, the bot will implement an AI-developed strategy. 

The second type of token utilized by Aiamond is ERC1155 NFTs. By holding these NFTs, users are able to determine the constraints (i.e., the first milestone) and the approach (i.e., the second milestone). Moreover, NFT holders will acquire access to private newsgroups, which will have several-minute advantages for news surrounding their coin. In addition, Aiamond will develop agreements with other presale tokens to exchange critical information with these groups.

Exploring Aiamond’s Community

Aiamond’s approach will be entirely transparent and based only on crowd-sourced judgments. Together, they will also compose their white paper and select their next course of action. You will not only make an investment; you will become a member of the first AI DeFi crowd!

One of the core strengths of Aiamond is represented by the fact that they aim to empower an autonomous community where everyone is free to express their opinions about other projects, and no one is ever removed for being critical or asking difficult questions. By taking this approach, Aiamond becomes an incredibly beneficial  forum for everyone who is taking part in various token initiatives but is unable to discuss it on the official token channels because they are afraid of being banned

Since Aiamond is a crowd-based project, you have the unique opportunity to become a significant part of it. Currently, Aiamond has established an active presale investment group on Discord, for those interested in asserting an active stake in the initiative.

Join Aiamond on the Ultimate Blockchain Journey! 

If you decide to become a member of the Aiamond community right now, you will be in the best position to benefit from their breakthrough upcoming developments, including their NFT collection, their token project, and their forthcoming trading bots. 

Join Aiamond if you want to increase justice in the Crypto-space and participate in the voting for the next decision. Best place to start is our Discord server or Telegram channel.

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