Guidelines on How to Prepare Yourself for Cisco CCENT Certification

Guidelines on How to Prepare Yourself for Cisco CCENT Certification

If you are looking for career opportunities in the field of computers and networks, then there is a need to have a certain set of skill and knowledge on your part. You can think of acquiring one such skill by way of Cisco CCENT Certification. This certification is the point where your career is going to take a giant leap towards the success that you might always be craving for. In this, the candidates will be trained in the handling of the basic network securities. Thus, with this training of the skill, you will get to handle and deal with the network securities of different branches too.

It is all in your skill to operate and also troubleshoot every enterprise branch network system and security. The CCENT being the starting point towards the networking career is a boon on your side.

Making the best use of the time during the exam period to solve the questions wisely isn’t easy without much training and practice. Thus, for the CCENT certification, one needs to clear the 100-105 ICND1 exam.

Each of the exam appearing candidate needs to answer about 50 to 55 questions in a time period of 90 minutes. Also, a grade percentage of 75 is required to make it big in this, as always desirable.

Please note that the syllabus exam under the CCENT Certification Dumps are sometimes subject to alter or update according to the newest module in the field. It is important on the part of the students appearing in any exam under CCENT certification to keep a tab on the updates.

This certification is all about measuring and certifying the skill acquired by the candidate by the concerned authority. Preparing accordingly will do good!

How to prepare for Cisco CCENT Certifications?

Well, this is the most common question that we keep hearing. But the answer cannot be vague as this is not a general certification. It is a boost to the candidate’s career. So, how do you think should the preparation be? Definitely, as per the prescribed guidelines and tutorial help online.

Firstly, the training that the candidate gets majorly includes the switching technology between the network systems, fundamentals, infrastructure maintenance, etc.

In fact, it must be very well noted that each of the topics or the subject areas carry different weightage in the exam. The weightage details are furnished here in order to help you better with the preparation process.

  • Infrastructure services;
  • Routing fundamentals;
  • LAN switching fundamentals;
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Fundamentals

These being the crucial areas of the study will require each of the exams appearing candidate to concentrate primarily on them. Then, there are various branches under each of these which are also equally important for the achieving this certification.

The other things that you need to concentrate are:

  1. Application of troubleshooting methodologies;
  2. Contrast network topologies;
  3. Native VLAN;
  4. Components of routing tables;
  5. Troubleshoot basic network hardening;
  6. DNS lookup operations.

Acquiring a grip on the all the above-mentioned topics will surely fetch good ranking in this.

How to Get the Training?

Learning without much of the evaluation is like a blind walk. In order to be clear about the portion of the syllabus, one needs to take timely evaluations in the form of online tests or anything as per the comfort of the candidate.

The internet just like it looks large is also a good place for you to get the required training in this regard. Ranging from the free video tutorials to the paid learning sessions, you can avail all at one place.

Whatsoever the medium or the method of the study you work, mark the list below as few tips and suggestions. While you are trying hard to make it great for gaining the, do not forget about the following:

  1. Cisco networking devices part 1;
  2. Cisco learning labs (ICND1 v3.0);
  3. CCNA routing and switching training videos;
  4. Cisco practice exam by measureup (ICND1 100-105).

So, all these are going to add an extra value to your knowledge. And yes, there are possible chances of your using the applications in the exam in a righter manner.

Do not leave this stone unreturned. Make the best use of everything that comes your way pertaining to this Certification.

Go through all the available learning course or training sessions that are near to you. Choose the one that rightly matches your time constraints and get started.

What is Recertification?

Having taken the CCENT is like always advantageous. In here, we are specific because this certification, i.e. CCENT Certification has a validity period of 3 years. This means that you have a whole period of 3 years to recertify by clearing any of the following listed exams. Take a look in here.

  • CCDE written exam;
  • ICND1 exam;
  • Current CCIW written exam;
  • Current 642-XXX professional level;
  • Current associate level;
  • Current CCDE practical exam;
  • CCAr (Cisco certified architect interview;
  • 300-professional level.

So, don’t you think that the period of 3 years is enough for you to get through? You will admit it is more than enough.

Also worth mentioning are the whopping salaries CCNA certified that each of the person with this certification on an average receive. CCNA Video – $86,880, CCNA Security – $85,500, CCNA Routing and Switching – $79,900, CCNA Wireless $90,900 and so on!

It has to be noted that the exam fee structure depends on the country you are hailing from. For more details about the same, visit Get registered and start your preparation right away. Good luck to you!

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