Four differences between cryptocurrency bookmakers you should know

Four differences between cryptocurrency bookmakers you should know

People who like betting on sports probably remember that they had to visit a land-based bookmaker in order to enjoy their favorite hobby. Luckily, online bookmakers became the new norm, and some of them are more special because they provide users the opportunity to make payments using cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in bookmakers accepting cryptocurrency, you already know that most brands offer similar options. For example, all of them will let you use ETH and Bitcoin because these two options set the trends in the online betting industry.

Despite the many similarities, some crypto bookies are more memorable, which is why they are different than the rest. We can’t point out every difference because there are too many things to mention. However, there are a couple of important things that everyone should know.

  1. Some sites have special products

Since we are talking about bookmakers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that every crypto platform allows its clients to bet on sports. The standard sportsbook is similar to what you can find while using a regular bookie. It will enable you to access different sports and bet on all sorts of events.

In order to stand out and attract more customers, some of the best crypto platforms provide additional betting sections. Besides the casino and things like a poker clients, some websites also give users access to virtual sports. These computer simulations gained tons of new fans during the global pandemic, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many gamblers are interested in them.

Apart from virtual sports, you can also find crypto platforms that allow you to wager on eSports. Many top-tier computer games are notorious for providing high odds and tons of other perks.

  1. Optimized applications

For better or worse, sports bettors do not use their computers as much as before. Some people don’t like the fact that they have to sit in front of their PC to wager, whereas others simply don’t have the free time to do so. Of course, most crypto online bookmakers are aware of this, so they have optimized applications for the most popular OS – Android and iOS. The apps are usually copies of the desktop site and include everything the given brand has to offer.

Sadly, some of the new sites that accept digital currencies are yet to provide an app to their clients. These places may have an excellent mobile site that can be used by everyone and even allow users to get a web app, but they don’t have a special file for Android and iOS.

  1. The crypto limitations

Aside from the obvious fact that some online bookmakers will offer more digital currencies than others, we also have to remember that they might have specific limitations. The first thing that comes to mind is the amount needed to make a deposit. Some places have flat amounts equal to $10 or $20, but many crypto bookies take advantage of the fluctuating price and adjust it on a daily basis.

Another limit that crypto players have to know before choosing a bookie is the one that affects their withdrawals. Being able to withdraw as much money as you want to is a huge plus, but not every website allows it. Unfortunately, many online bookmakers have high minimum limits that often reach $50 or the currency equivalent.

  1. Cryptocurrency offers

Last but not least, some of the top-tier crypto bookies also provide a variety of promotions for new and registered users. Not all of them are that good, but there are usually at least a few hidden gems.

The most popular crypto promotion provides extra funds, but there are also a variety of cashback rewards.

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