Forex vs Crypto trading: key differences and similarities

Forex vs Crypto trading: key differences and similarities

Understanding the crypto market always prompted comparisons to traditional assets. On the surface it is comparable to stocks, however, it’s also comparable in relation to Forex markets. The Forex market might be a better choice as crypto-related startups don’t treat their tokens like securities. Crypto companies rarely release financial reports. Having the coin or token is not an entitlement to any share in the network. In certain instances, owning cryptocurrency coins can earn passive income, which is not like dividend stocks.

Forex on the contrary is a form of trade that involves the value that is perceived by currencies. However, there are some exceptions to this since fiat currencies are generally secured and kept in an established price range. Rarely do currencies move rapidly, for instance, in the case of hyperinflation.

What is the difference between Crypto and Forex Markets?

The market capitalization total of the crypto market is estimated to be $2 trillion, and of that $1T represents the value for Bitcoin (BTC). But the precise volume of trade in the market is an uncertain figure. BTC trading is more than $60 billion daily, and the Tether trading volume is in excess of 100 billion per day.

The daily amount of Forex trading is greater than $6.6 trillion per day which means that the amount of assets is the world’s GDP. Therefore, a rough estimate of that is around $75T. The US dollar’s money supply is greater than $18 trillion. The number has been growing since the increasing supply of Forex brokers online that mainly focus on Forex trading. However, it is hard to establish a comparative size with those who have the BTC price and the fiat currency.

The trading of cryptocurrency is heavily dependent on general sentiment. Trackers provide information on Bitcoin sentiment. Bitcoin trading is very tolerant to signals as it’s also interconnected with chatter on social media with somewhat predictable group behaviors.

Although Forex can be a subject of expertise and experts, crypto’s Social Media sentiments are one that lacks fundamentals and is replaced by the direct monitoring of market participants and their social media profiles. As the market is growing, Forex signals are becoming more relevant and distinct in the midst of noise. The primary signal is the behavior on exchanges. To create the signals themselves the top traders have relied upon their experiences in the market for Forex, and have been able to adapt it to the latest issues of trading in crypto.

The US dollar cannot be resisted since it is legal, whereas BTC has different degrees of acceptance, and the price can fluctuate. The actual value of BTC is far less when compared to its predicted value and there are a few coins that can be sold at this cost without experiencing a crash.

While the market for crypto is still small in comparison to the size of the Forex market, it’s still an important part of the global economy. In less than a decade, the cryptocurrency market has seen enough exposure through the use of social media and the shift in opinions of investors.

In 2021, there are clear patterns for a new investor profile that is emerging. A millennial investor belongs to a distinct group that has faced various personal finance challenges, from stagnant wages to a soaring housing market. In the same way, the growth of social and mobile applications as well as the emergence of new trends resulted in new investors being more open to managing their own finances and trying different investments.

Crypto trading is over 10 years old and has seen several levels. At one time, Mt. Gox, situated in Tokyo, was the sole Bitcoin exchange around the globe. In the following years, new coins were introduced and offered speculative profits that were astronomical. In the course of time, the crypto market grew and increased liquidity. There were a few highly suspicious price movements that could be a sign of pump-and-dump arrangements, however, the top cryptocurrency continued to expand its liquidity and establish a dominant position. They are therefore behaving similarly to the Forex market or stock trading.


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