Easy Ways to Make Money Writing Online in 2020

Easy Ways to Make Money Writing Online in 2020

Online jobs are slowly conquering the labour market. Almost every professional field nowadays offers options to perform as a remote worker, or even as a freelancer. And writing career options are wide as never. Find out about the new ways to make money writing online!

Being a writer is constantly a challenge of finding new projects. Either you are more engaged in the creative writing, or perform as a copywriter, searching for a job is always an issue. Don’t forget that the world is transferring to the online completely and rapidly. All of the best career options are either related to the Web, or are performed within it.

If you have never yet looked for an online job, you may be scared and overwhelmed with the already established market that seems arduous to enter. Rates, projects, customers – everything at once falls on your head if you google “make money writing online”.

First, let’s comply with the basic rules of finding an online job.

Freelance job rules

When you just enter the world of freelance writing online for money you have to remember these important things.

  • Never pay for the job. You have found a perfect project you would like to engage in. The price rate is great, the deadlines are not harsh, etc. But the employer asks you to pay the “procession fee”. Or some other kind of payment just to get started with a job. Do not trust these ones;
  • Use reliable websites. Always read terms and conditions before starting the work on a service. Also make sure you will be able to withdraw the money you have earned to your card or Paypal – some websites set a limit to a minimal withdrawal amount.
  • Stay adequate. You may want to earn all of the money in the world instantly, and you see all of the writing projects you want to engage in. But if you are just getting started, don’t ruin your reputation by taking too many tasks and failing. Honor is earned for a long time, but can fall in a moment. It is better to go step-by-step and gain respect consistently.
  • Manage your timetable. Trivial but crucial thing. When you start freelancing, you are your own boss. No one will punish you for forgotten deadlines, except for your paycheck. Time-management and work-life balancing is a key to successful freelance writing.

If you are already confident in your online working abilities, the next important thing is to find a comfortable way to earn money by writing. Here are the top-5 easy ways to get started.

How to make money as a writer online in 2020

Content creating

Nowadays the amount of bloggers grows every day in geometric progression. And not every influencer (in fact very few of them) knows how to write catchy texts. The written content is one of the main ways to engage with the audience. If the text is poor and banal, at least 40% of the followers would leave the blogger.

You can write not only for the instagram influencers, but also for text blogs covering different topics, from science to fashion. Posts in blogs are frequent plus the owners prefer not to change a style, so this job is quite stable.

Ghostwriting books

Yes, it is a job, and a really well-paid one. In fact, many authors of widely known bestsellers are using ghostwriters to stay productive. You can’t release six books in a year if you are doing everything by yourself! Also, the celebrities who want to ‘write’ or ‘publish’ their own book are all using ghostwriters. The author gives you the idea and the guidelines, sometimes edits your writing, and then publishes it as they had written it by themselves. You are able to choose to ghostwrite the whole book, or a couple of chapters. Either way it is an interesting job – you can participate in the creation of future bestsellers!

Writing academic papers

Services that help students all over the world are really popular recently. A lot of the alumni are fed up with the workload, or just love to skip the deadlines – and you can be a person that saves their GPA. Find a website that offers help related to the topic you are familiar with: for example, finance essay writing service, or case study helping one. There you can prove your competence and start making money for your writing.

Freelance copywriting

There are a lot of services that connect commercial employers with the writers. You can find projects that need copywriters on websites like Upwork or iWriter. They cover a lot of topics, but you need to be familiar with the basic copywriting rules. Copywriters create content that helps promoting and marketing, so you will have to follow the CEO requirements. But as long as you are OK with that, freelance is a way to go.

Writing articles

This option is truly full of creativity. You can stick with entertaining articles on platforms like BuzzFeed or Cracked, create lists and dilute your writing with pictures and videos. You can choose more serious topics and write for media or media platforms. There is even an ability to write articles about writing and publishing. Whatever your mind creates – the Internet can surely pay for that, if it is professionally wrapped. Don’t stick to just one website, browse enough to find an ideal environment for you.

Wrapping up – to earn money by writing is not only possible, but easy and convenient at the same time. There are many more ways of making money writing online, but we highlighted the main ones that are able to satisfy even a picky writer. Choose the one you like and get started!

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