Earn more crypto from passive earning investments

Earn more crypto from passive earning investments

There are various ways to earn from cryptocurrencies but as one searches on the internet for information sometimes the mind feels overwhelmed. The pressure to gain instant money as much as possible can cloud the person’s decision making and unpleasantly jump into a certain investment. FOMO (fear of missing out) is an expression used by many, either in a good way or bad. It can mean procrastinating on achieving the goal, which in this article is to focus on earning passive income from crypto on a regular basis    

The amount of earnings is dependent on an investor’s risk appetite. Involvement in cryptocurrency itself is already high enough but it is manageable in so many ways. 

Active traders using different spreads and signals deals with volatility and speculation frequently. They have the proper training and technical/fundamental knowledge to beat the market. But even the seasoned trader can miss a good trade, and the truth is, trading may not be appropriate for everyone. 

Contrary to that is the so-called: passive investors. They are the ones that have low risk tolerance and are often investing over long periods of time. The strategy is to buy and hold; and ignore the short term fluctuations. Fortunate for us, there are different opportunities to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies.

Ways to earn passive income with crypto


It is the original method of earning passive income in the crypto space. It means using a computing power and securing a network for receiving a reward.

In the early days of Bitcoin, using a common Central Processing Unit (CPU) was a viable solution. Nowadays, mining utilizes powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) since the processing of network hash rate increases. As competition tightens more, an Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) was built as a custom-made electronic mining chips. 

Mining is considered costly for an average person because it requires a huge amount of capital to purchase the hardware and pay for electricity.


It’s the process of lending cryptocurrencies to borrowers with a predetermined interest rate. There are P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platforms where you can secure your funds for a while and later collect the interest payments. It allows lenders to earn a consistent profit on unused cryptos and borrowers to use these funds for other potentially profitable financial purposes.


An airdrop is a distribution of free coins from start-up projects that requires the participant to do simple various tasks to receive the rewards. These tasks may involve sign ups, using social media accounts, or inviting new users to the project. The goal is to gain attention and build a network of new followers of the currency. 

The airdrops may not give immediate earnings but it serves as a good way to catch free coins along the way. Enter as many legitimate airdrops as possible, and be on the lookout for airdrops asking for your private keys, so to speak, avoid them at all cost.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate program is another way to earn extra by referring newcomers to the platform. For each successful referral, the referrer may have discounts on certain products or receive a commission for every transaction made by the new user. 

Individuals who have a big circle of followers can take advantage of this program. 


Staking cryptocurrencies works by holding Proof-of-Stake coins in a designated stake pool or wallet. Rewards are given for contributing to the operations (such as validating transactions) of the blockchain by holding funds. The earnings vary depending on the amount of funds being staked. 

Staking networks use Proof of Stake as their consensus algorithm. The best thing about PoS coins is that it provides coin holders with sustainability and real value thanks to dividends obtained through staking the coins 

Some of the top-performing PoS coins are Polkadot, Cosmos, Cardano, and Ethereum 2.0. These coins together with 100+ other assets are available for staking at MyCointainer.

To get started, be familiar with these methods and establish which among you feel more comfortable of doing. All of these are for long term investors but the process differs significantly. The end game is to let your investments work while you sleep. 

Make your money work for you

What is MyCointainer

MyCointainer is a regulated staking platform and offers the easiest and safest way to stake and earn Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency. The service is a simple one-in-all platform where people can choose the best PoS coins and get staking rewards from more than 100 cryptocurrencies at once.  All earnings are subject to compound interest that gives the users the chance to generate maximum profit. Members have the option to waive all fees including staking and withdrawal fees and use of Exchange with the help of POWER Plans, therefore receive 100% rewards. 

MyCointainer POWER levels

MyCointainer created and updated its POWER! subscriptions in order to best adapt to customer’s expectations. With the first tier of subscription, POWER Zero at 7.30EUR/mo, users can stake, exchange, and withdraw their funds without commission. In addition, common access of masternodes to all resources are guaranteed and the cost of running all nodes are covered by the platform. 

In the other two subscription tiers, the platform undertakes to compensate for the difference in prizes if they are larger during solo staking. Furthermore, POWER Max at 8.90EUR/mo, subscribers are entitled to receive VIP gifts and offers in the form of monthly give-aways. 

Finally, POWER Percent at 39.90EUR/mo, an interesting benefit was prepared by MyCointainer at the last tier. Thanks to which, for each month of active subscription, users will receive a 1% discount on the future purchase of MyCointainer tokens that the company intends to release in 2022.

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