Disadvantages of Investing in Cryptocurrency without knowledge

Disadvantages of Investing in Cryptocurrency without knowledge

The disadvantages of bitcoins could be many, but they are equal to nothing so for now let us see only the advantages. In my opinion, the most significant advantage of this kind of currency is that it solves the problems of the current monetary system. Most people don’t understand what the advantages of bitcoins are, but I think they exist. When we talk about the advantages of any existing currency, we must also include the disadvantages of the government and the power of central banks in the transaction. Let us start with the government.


Any disadvantage of bitcoins is related to the government or to the economic structure of the country. It is hard to say whether the government will find a way to track the transactions of bitcoins because bitcoins are not the physical form of currency. You can check the Yuan Pay Group. They are stored on computers and they can be hacked. If the government finds out, then it may be a problem for bitcoins owners and they may go into political exile because they have to give away their private keys.

Number of Transaction

Now we come to another disadvantage of the Blockchain. As it was mentioned above, there are some disadvantages of the Bitcoins system. One of these disadvantages is related to the long-term position of this kind of money. Long-term the value of Bitcoins will be very low because the number of transactions performed every day is reducing. This trend is temporary because the trend is also happening with gold and silver.


There are also some disadvantages of the bitcoins system, one of them being its high volatility. Whenever you trade with cash, you have to consider the risk of losing your money. But when you trade with cryptosystems like bitcoins, you never have to think about your money or your security. The volatility of the market is very high, but this is a good thing for investors.

The Concentration of the Wealth

Apart from the high volatility of the market, another disadvantage of the system is that the concentration of the wealth of miners is very high. Because of the high concentration of miners, there are high chances that some investors will be manipulated by the powerful miners. Some people have been exploited by the powerful crypto too, and they have made some statements about the advantages and disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies. They said that they do not know anything about the black market activity. Actually, there are many cases when you can make money by manipulating the miners!

But I will give a different view about the advantages and disadvantages of crypto coins. I will discuss the advantages of investing in the Blockchain, and the disadvantages of trading in any other currency. The advantages of using Bitcoin as an investing cryptocurrency:

Fast and Secure

There are no special disadvantages of the bitcoins system compared to other currencies. When you use this technology for the first time, you will get the chance to transact securely, anonymously, and fungus-free. There is some special software that can monitor the activities of the users. When the developers of this technology will expand the network, they will make it possible for transactions to go through faster.

If you analyze the pros and cons carefully, the advantages of investing in Bitcoins are more than the disadvantages. Besides, you will also learn about the long-term benefits. It is true that it has some disadvantages, but if you look closely, they are nothing compared to the advantages of the cryptographic system. In the long term, the pros of investing in encrypted digital currencies outweigh the disadvantages.

But there are many advantages which are caused by the usefulness of this method. This is not a widely used form of currency. There are many experts who are against Cryptocurrency. This is because of its volatility. The volatility of this method cannot be neglected at all. Some experts say that the volatile nature of the transaction cannot be compared with the stability and long-term benefits of using traditional money transfer methods.

Weakness of Central Authority

According to them, the drawbacks of bitcoins are mainly caused by the weakness of the central authority. The reason is that the central authority cannot protect from the scams and frauds of this kind of Cryptocurrency. The main disadvantage of this Cryptocurrency is the decentralization. When the government found out that people start using this method to conduct transactions, they will probably impose a ban on it. Therefore, the users of this form of Cryptocurrency will lose their ability to transact anonymously and fungously.

Less Liquidity 

Another disadvantage of this kind of Cryptocurrency is its lack of liquidity. The usability of this method can also be hampered when more users start using it. With less liquidity, it is not possible for the users to make investments in the crypto markets. If you are planning to invest in this type of Cryptocurrency, it is important to understand its disadvantages first before you decide to invest in it.

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