Crypterium Review: What No One Seems To Be Telling You

Crypterium Review: What No One Seems To Be Telling You

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The idea behind Crypterium is premised on a decentralized banking platform geared towards establishing the first ever cryptocurrency bank.

The platform is composed of four key elements:

  • Crypto bank
  • Crypto acquisition
  • Crypto lending
  • Open API for developers

The goal of the Crypterium team was to bring a fresh project to the market, one that would provide unique solutions to the community. The market also seemed to have been attracted by the project, which issued its ICO in 2017 and raised $51 million after surpassing their set target by over 10%.

By and large, the founders of this platform are confident that it will be one of the future’s big players in the shaping of the crypto economy. According to their official website, the primary objective is and will remain to provide a fully integrated administration that features the interests of the blockchain community.

Still with me?

Let’s now understand what exactly Crypterium deals in.

Crypterium Token Sales

After the Crypterium ICO, the token sale began in October 2017 and rolled all the way to January 2018.

During the sale, 1 CRPT was priced at 0.0001 BTC with a total market supply of 300 million tokens. Today, the coin trades at $0.08937 or 0.00027 BTC.

The best thing about the token is that they accepted payments in BTC, ETH, and fiat currencies.

Crypterium Products and Services

The platform is focused on providing services similar to banks to the crypto community. The related products and services include:

Crypto Acquisition

Crypterium aims to provide customized solutions for every circle of retail exchange for its customer base; the solutions include real-time cryptocurrency and fiat settlements among other forms of integration.

Crypto Bank

The platform will offer a range of financial services such as cashback programs, crypto payments, a numerous other payment means, including Android Pay, Apple Pay, QR, NFC, and other forms of banking functions.

Credit Token Exchange

Crypterium offers a well-diversified trading platform with numerous assets listed therein; additionally, it also offers a localized integration with the existing credit scoring systems.

Open API Platform

This is the last product offered by Crypterium; it is an application store for retail crypto programming and solutions. As you would expect, it will have its own decentralized server model and integrations.

Also, Crypterium is expected to improve operations of the existing banking system by increasing efficiency, which increases the accuracy of transactions. This further means that the rising cases of banking fraud will be reduced significantly.

The crypto economy is at the verge of taking off, and when it does, Crypterium seeks to position itself as one of the core players.

How Crypterium Tokens Workcrypterium review

Crypterium runs two tokens:

  • CRPT
  • CRED

The platform’s main token is CRPT while the sub-token is CRED.

The CRPT tokens were available for purchase with their ICO issuance.

Let’s delve a bit more into these two tokens…

CRPT Token

The deal with CRPT holders is that for every payment made on the crypto bank. The payments include all transactions fees. At the moment, the platform charges a transaction fee of 0.5%, which is partly used to repurchase the tokens from various exchanges to create a constant demand for the tokens.

Moreover, 30% of all the transaction fees will be channeled towards compensating the most dynamic users of the platform and together with CRPT token holders. It, therefore, means that users with more token will be considered to be more dynamic and, thus, reaching higher dividend levels.

The token holder levels include holders of over 25,000 assets and are categorized as Platinum members; on the other hand, those who hold 1 token are in the Silver category. Platinum holders are eligible to receive up 50% of the cut of the transaction fee while the Silver member is entitled to receive up to 10% of the same.

CRED Tokens

These are considered to be the sub-tokens of Crypterium coin; they allow the platform’s clients to have interest interactions and an undeniable great banking experience on the Crypterium blockchain.

Crypterium also employs smart contracts on its platform to come up with a credit currency advance known as CRPT: CRED. With smart contracts, Crypterium will be able to assess a customer’s FICO score, which will ultimately determine the applicable interest rate, collateral, and more. In one way or the other, it will operate just like conventional banking institutions.

Also, the platform has ensured that the liquidity of its assets is guaranteed through the using of its funding to reduce instability and alter interest rates.

Once the advance time approaches the end, users who had borrowed will be required to repay using CRPT: CRED, together with interest, through purchasing the token in an exchange.

After that, the loaned individual will have finished his/her credit cycle and are thereafter eligible for a reassessment for purposes of future borrowings.

There’s no doubt the CRED will be the platform’s main sub-token with its secured form of liquidity. Analysts claim that the holders of the credit sub-token have a chance of earning higher returns when compared to prevailing market rates due to the nature of its demand. Moreover, these tokens are also eligible for use by various financial institutions.

Is Crypterium Legit?

If you’ve been a keen follower of the blockchain projects, then you’ll realize that this question is almost always inevitable. This is perhaps due to the rising cases of fraud associated with crypto assets.

So, is Crypterium a scam or is it legit?

To be perfectly honest, there have been concerns about the platform relating to the receiving of dividends by a shareholder, following through with outlined plans on their white paper, and so on. However, I cannot for sure confirm or deny any of these allegations as I haven’t gotten any substantiated proof of the allegations or evidence that they aren’t true.

That notwithstanding, you can never be too careful with online ventures; whether a project is championed by the most trusted individuals or not, you should exercise caution at all times.


Even with the concerns being raised online, Crypterium offers one of the most innovative products of all times; many players in the banking industry are also warming up to the idea even as the Internet Of Things sweeps across the world.

Finally, it’s a bit early to gauge whether or not Crypterium will achieve everything it outlined to the community; however, we’ll be sure to update this post as soon we have any new developments.

We hope you got some value from this Crypterium review and, as usual, we’ll be happy to hear from you regarding all that has been talked about in this post.

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  1. I seem to have fallen the wrong side of Crypteriums compliance.
    I purchased a large amount of Btc through a broker with funds I received from selling my house.
    The Btc was purchased through the Crypterium wallet and they’ve locked my account with my money in it with no further communication from them in 2 weeks despite me fulfilling their questions and sending proof of where the money came from.
    I am very concerned about their lack of communication, so what are they doing?

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