Businesses that are accepting crypto payments

Businesses that are accepting crypto payments

After 2021, bitcoin has experienced the highest rise as a digital currency. Despite its bullish nature, bitcoin mining and natural oil and gases join for business. Russia is the leading country that produces natural gas and industry. In trading in the oil industry, the country considers accepting bitcoins. It is considered as major successes of cryptocurrency. Hereby, the countries having a good relationship with Russia will be able to pay through cryptos or by the local currencies. However, due to the war in 2022, the oil industries are observing a change to accept digital money over traditional or fiat money. You can trade on bitprofit for cryptocurrency investment.

Industries apart from oil and gas accepting Bitcoin

Acceptance of bitcoin in the oil industry has been a new initiative. But before it, many businesses started using it for selling goods. Some of the companies are making money through cryptocurrency. Therefore some of the businesses that accept bitcoin are:

  1. Whole foods

For purchasing regular-use products such as groceries or food products customers can use bitcoins. Apart from Bitcoin, customers can use other cryptocurrencies to buy whole foods. 50% of searches that it creates or stablecoins are used for purchasing organic foods as well as natural food products.

Though many brands do not accept digital currencies due to their payment strategies, European citizens prefer to purchase groceries through the use of whole food gift cards that require crypto refilling that can be bitcoin or other crypto coins.

  1. Starbucks

Collaboration of Starbucks with Bitcoin after currency is through the IPayYou application. Users can use this application to pay to buy Crypto coins. Also, customers who use the Starbucks app can easily the using the Bitcoin wallet present in the application. It is an automated converting procedure that allows the oft-volatile digital platform to change INR to USD. The entire procedure takes place in real-time.

However, in the case of Starbucks, the use of bitcoin is less among the customers as mostly they pay online or in cash. Therefore, 8% of them prefer to see through Bitcoins of the currencies

  1. Cheap

People can also now buy air flight tickets using Bitcoins. It is one of the first traveling agencies that accept digital coins. Cheap is one of the companies that allow purchasing of air tickets with cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoins it also accepts Ethereum as payment for air tickets.

From online payments and cash, flyers can also use their points to purchase their tickets. Bitcoin is used by 5 million customers of them. To purchase air tickets, the countries must accept BTC that should be able to use with points through Utrust and

  1. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is one of the luxurious brands that accept digital currencies. The company is a Swiss company that, sells a luxury watch that has recently announced accepting crypto payments. Apart from it, Gucci is also another luxury brand that has its name in crypto payments. The company accepts 12 coins via Bitpay. Apart from it, Bitcoin and Dogecoin accepted $10,000 in transactions. Balenciaga is also looking forward to accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment modes.

  1. Emirates

One of the leading airlines is Emirates. Customers can easily purchase air tickets through digital payment methods. It is the premier airline company planning to add the blockchain application for transactions.

The Blockchain will help in tracking and maintaining the airline’s records.  Altogether the use of blockchain and BTC together ensures a planned and progressive future for this company.

  1. Shopify

Platform Shopify is one of the companies that use for payments. Millions of customers use cryptocurrencies for purchasing goods via this platform. The merchants of the Shopify e-commerce company partnering with do not pay a settlement fee for the entire month. It has given benefits to both the buyers and the sellers to carry out the business by paying fewer Taxes along with fast transactions.

  1. Home Depot

It is a home decor company selling different decorative items for interior spaces. The company accepts cryptocurrencies, so customers can pay through BTC. They provide Gift cards to the customers so that they can use the cards to pay for their purchased items.


Visualizing the progressive technological future many companies or businesses are accepting Bitcoins. Customers can use many bitcoin trading applications for secured and protected transactions as crypto payment methods are accepted by both small and luxurious companies worldwide.

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