Blockchain in Casino

Blockchain in Casino

The blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords there is at the moment. It has opened up a new world to a lot of different people, in terms of how the tech world is being approached. One area that has taken a big interest in the potential of the blockchain, is the online casino world. It’s been one of the first industries to truly see what can be offered by using blockchain technology. Come with us on a journey to discover how the blockchain can make online casinos better than ever before.

Provably Fair Games

This is one of the first areas that the blockchain has impacted on online casinos. Provably fair games use the blockchain to check in real time that the statistics behind the game are legitimate, and fair. While standard online casinos do carry out regular audits to make sure that they are secure, provably fair games are the only ones that let players do it themselves, with the result revealed instantly. These are a big part of how the blockchain currently impacts online casinos, and you can check out some of them here.

These games have also provided slightly different types of games to players as well. Some provably fair games offer the ability to wager on how far a rocket ship will travel, as well as creating high-low games. It’s a new way to approach online casino games, and it gives players some different games to try out.


This is possibly the most famous use for the blockchain in any capacity. Making payments is what the blockchain was originally created for. While the scope is obviously a lot larger now, the original concept was purely to create a decentralized finance network. From there it’s been used in a variety of different ways already.

However, online casinos have taken the ability to make payments using the blockchain and run with it. Players at different sites are able to pay with a variety of different cryptos at lots of different online casinos. It ensures that they can use the fastest, cheapest, and safest payment methods when playing online.

It could also be enhanced in the future. Some online casinos might develop their own token. This would allow for much faster payments to be made, as well as creating an ecosystem that the casino could operate on. It could potentially lead to players at online casinos being able to invest as well as gambling. There are a lot of possibilities available which makes this a very viable alternative to taking fiat payments.

Casino Development

What many people are talking about at the moment, is using the blockchain to develop an actual virtual casino. It’s something that blockchain tech has the potential to offer in the future, but isn’t quite there yet.

The belief behind this, is that there are a number of video game developers at the moment, that are using blockchain tech to craft their own games. What some of them have found, is that they can make their games cross compatible within the same environment. So, someone could be playing a racing game, and then travel to another game on the same blockchain that offers the opportunity to fly a spaceship. It means that completely different areas can be linked purely by being created on the same blockchain. This idea has meant that a lot of people are floating the idea of a fully contained online casino.

It’s believed that as the technology improves, an online casino can be created where people can truly travel around it. VR technology would be used to travel through the online casino, and it would create a truly immersive experience. It’s also believed that people could interact with each other within the environment, making it a social space as well as an immersive online casino.

Although this isn’t quite a reality at the moment, it is something to look forward to in the future. This is definitely the next step in the blockchain, and how it can impact online casino development. It should also create the next generation of online casinos.

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