Blockchain Developer Salaries Around the World

Blockchain Developer Salaries Around the World

It is a well documented fact that Blockchain developers are offered and granted very high salaries, across all regions.

Blockchain technology is disrupting every single Industry, and no sub-sector is safe from the grip of this arm of Industry 4.0.

Blockchain developers are in very high demand: the demand is growing at a rate of approximately, as per, of 517% per year (see chart below).

The salaries Blockchain developers fetch are now on par with the salaries Artificial Intelligence specialists are offered – their salaries are a reflection of a wide gap between offer and demand.

How much do Blockchain Developers make exactly?

Querying databases and looking for accurate data points regarding blockchain developer salaries on the Internet bears inconsistent results. The data points are not only inconsistent – the information is often outdated. Finding granular data is even more of a challenge.

Our mission today is simple: we will be using a variety of trustworthy data sources, in order to provide an up to date assessment that will be useful to anyone who is thinking about finding cryptocurrency jobs or a jobs for bitcoin. We all know, since it has been repeated numerous times, that Blockchain developers make a lot of money, but exactly how much? At the end of this article, our readers will be in possession of elements to answer this question.

Location is of the Essence

A Blockchain developer’s salary is a direct function of Location. Location, even more than years of experience, Industry or specialization, determines how much a blockchain developer will bring home.

According to the job recruitment platform, the average blockchain developer salary is staggering – it ranges from 150 000 to 175 000 US dollars per year. But surely, this average salary is not representative of all regions, as we know for a fact that certain Asian countries and certain Eastern European countries pay a fraction of the lower bound of this range (150 000 US dollars). And indeed, we find that these figures represent what blockchain developers can hope to make in the United States.

After much digging, we were able to find up to date figures (2021) for a few countries. Here are the average salaries for blockchain developers as a function of location:

  • United States: 99 197 USD
  • Canada: 100 000 CAD
  • United Arab Emirate: 210 000 AED
  • United Kingdom: 50 625 £
  • Australia: 103 000 AU
  • Philippines: 1 200 000 ₱
  • Singapore: 92,903 S

The Blockchain Academy’s Employment Report 2021

The Blockchain Academy’s 2021 Employment report is a trustworthy source of information, so we would be well advised to compare the data within this report to our findings so far.

This report states that the highest salaries are in the United States. It is hard to disagree with this assessment! The report states that the average annual income in the United States is 136 000 US dollars, followed by 87 500 US dollars in Asia and 73 300 US dollars in Europe. Interestingly, the report provides data for remote blockchain developers: they average 123 750 US dollars per year.

Two things to note. First, our two data sources so far are conflicting, even though the data they provide is up to date (2021). Above, it was stated that blockchain developers can make between 150 000 US dollars and 175 000 US dollars. The Blockchain Academy’s Employment report has a lower average of 136 000 US dollars. To solve this conflict, shouldn’t we simply set 136 000 US dollars as a lower bound and 175 000 US dollars as an upper bound? It would be tempting to solve this informational conflict with such a cavalier attitude, but unfortunately things are not so simple.

And Second: remote blockchain developers are paid exceedingly well, at 123 750 US Dollars on average!

It is absolutely essential to complement, when possible, data that covers very wide areas (countries, continents) with granular data points (cities). We are in luck: the Blockchain Academy’s Employment report provides granular data points for the United States. The report states the following: the average salary is 180 380 US dollars in New York City. New York city is the highest paying city in the US, being 16.7% above the national average.

The chart below provides precise, granular data for various cities in the United States:

Qubit Labs pitches in with diverging salary figures

Qubit labs is another reliable source of information on blockchain developer salaries. But here again, we are provided with conflictual salary information that is not quite in phase with what we have found so far!

Qubit Labs offers the following chart, which tracks salaries as a function of Location and experience.

As we can see, according to Qubit Labs, the national average for the United States is 154 550 US dollars, while junior specialists fetch 123 87 US dollars, and senior specialists fetch 231 500 US dollars.

With a sigh of relief, we read that Qubit Labs provides a range which confirms a previous data point: blockchain developer salaries range from 150 000 US dollars  to 175 000 US dollars.

Our readers can appreciate the fact that different data sources present conflicting, contrasting numbers. However, two very large, reliable and trustworthy data providers state that the salaries in the United States range between 150 000 and 175 000 US dollars. We would like to temporarily conclude that Blockchain Developer salaries, in the United States, fall in this range.

Granular Information for Various Regions

At this stage of our assessment, it would be a sound decision to provide granular data for various regions. Let us start with Canada.


In Canada, according to and Payscale, junior blockchain developers fetch 61 263 US dollars per year, and mid-level developers can expect 85 769 US dollars. The most experienced professionals are granted on average 116 809 US dollars.

United Kingdom

What is the situation like in the UK?

The situation is a little less rosy in the UK at the moment. According to Payscale, the average British specialist’s salary is around 65 000 US dollars. Mid-tier blockchain developers earn, according to Payscale, 78 000 US dollars per year.


India is fast becoming a Blockchain Powerhouse. Many blockchain platforms that we know and love are designed in India. What is the situation nationally? Salaries, as one might guess, are extremely low when compared to other regions. According to, Blockchain developers in India earn on average 6700 US dollars. This is not a typo! According to Glassdoor, the media salary for blockchain developers in India is 6100 US dollars. These figures are quite low, despite the fact that out of 2 million software developers in India, only 5000 of them have blockchain skills!

Here is more granular data for India (the salaries are expressed in Rupees):

Bangalore: ₹619,000/Year

Mumbai: ₹707,000/Year

Delhi: ₹599,000/Year

Hyderabad: ₹500,000/Year

Pune: ₹883,000/Year

Chennai: ₹729,228/Year


In Australia, blockchain developers are granted, on average, 69 296 US dollars, then as one acquires more experience and breaches the mid-level threshold, it rises to 103 945 US dollars; the most skilled developers earn approximately 134 174 US dollars.


According to Payscale and Glassdoor, entry-level developers in Western Europe earn 31 727 US dollars per year, which seems a little low compared to other regions. Those who have been in the Industry for 2-3 years earn approximately 75 283 US dollars. The most experienced developers (more than 5 years) earn approximately 95 118 per year.

Eastern Europe presents a much different picture. The average blockchain developer salary is 13 577 per year. Mid level developers are paid 25 433 US dollars per year. Developers in a senior role are paid 54 000 US dollars per year. These salaries are several times lower than those of their American counterparts.

Making Sense of All this Data

What have we learned from all these data points?

Blockchain Developer Salaries in the United states range, according to two very large and trustworthy sources, between 150 000 and 175 000 US dollars. The highest paying city in the United States is New York City.

The lowest salaries, across all regions mentioned, are in India.

Western Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom offer attractive salaries which are obviously lower than those offered in the United States.

Considering all the information which has been provided in this article, the preferred strategy, for anyone looking for blockchain jobs, is to get hired by an American firm or to work in remote mode for one.

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