Bitcoin trading FAQs

Bitcoin trading FAQs

When it comes to bitcoin trading, it may seem like a new avenue altogether compared to general stock trading or commodity trading. There are several reasons why one should clarify all their doubts before choosing to trade bitcoins. One of the biggest reasons is the volatility of the market and the risky behaviors of cryptocurrency.

  1. What is bitcoin trading?
  • Bitcoin trading is trading any other commodity in the capital and commodity market. One buys bitcoin from the exchange or any other trading platform and then holds bitcoins for a certain time. The trader will buy bitcoins and hold, expecting a rise in the value of the bitcoin in terms of the fiat currency. The trader then can sell the bitcoins when the price is high in exchange for any given fiat currency.
  1. How to trade bitcoin?

You can do trading by following either of the below-mentioned

  1. Through exchange: This is the most common bitcoin trading technique. One will buy bitcoins directly from the cryptocurrency exchange and will hold until value increases. In this, the trader will get the ownership of the bought bitcoin. However, there are a few things that one should keep in mind, as many exchanges tend to charge fees for trading, and at times the matching engines of the exchange may not be accurate.
  2. Through derivatives: This is another popular way of trading bitcoin. The major difference in this trading style is that one will not get ownership of the bitcoin. Instead, the trader will be speculating against CFDs. The trader will have to take either a long or short position based on the speculation of whether the bitcoin price will rise or drop. Several platforms allow bitcoin trading through derivatives.
  3. What affects the pricing of bitcoin in trading?
  • Similar to the stock market, the Bitcoin market also fluctuates. The principle of demand and supply also works here.

Usually, demand increases when the bitcoin is integrated into new systems and platforms and when the applications increase. On the other hand, bad news, security breaches, or anything negative related to bitcoin can make the price dip.

  1. Can one profit from trading bitcoin?
  • Yes, one can profit from trading bitcoin. However, one should get some expertise in cryptocurrency to better view the trading trends and styles. One should study the market and analyze the fluctuations and market trends. The bitcoin to date has shown a positive trend on the upside. But, in the short term, it can show some major dips, which can cause a loss of money. Therefore, one should mitigate the risks carefully before trading large amounts.
  1. What are different bitcoin trading styles?
  • There are 4 common trading styles:
  1. Trend trading is going short or long on a bearish or bullish market based on the current market condition.
  2. Day trade: Day trading is nothing but buying and selling bitcoin in a single day to avoid holding it overnight.
  • Hedging: Hedging helps in offsetting the losses when the market may fall. One can go short on a bearish market to avoid losing a big chunk of money.
  1. HODL: In this, the bitcoin is held for a long term, to gain from the long term movement of the market.
  2. Is bitcoin trading safe?
  • The safety of bitcoin trading is divided into two categories: the safety of trading platforms and the safety of the market itself. When it comes to the market, one should be aware that the market is volatile, and there is a risk in bitcoin trading. The fluctuations of the price can make trading a risky avenue.

On the other hand, if one chooses the right platform for trading either on an exchange or through derivatives, the risk can be easily mitigated. You must use like this trading Platform, and get complete information about the market.

  1. Is bitcoin trading 24×7?
  • Yes, bitcoin trading is an all-around-the-clock 24×7 trading market. This is because the bitcoin market is centralized, and thus it is not clocked as per the bank hours. One can trade at any time, but one should keep in mind that each platform for trading can have their working hours mentioned separately.
  1. How much does it cost?
  • The cost of bitcoin trading can vary from platform to platform. Each platform can have its fees that are imposed on each trade. The usual charges range from currency exchange fees, withdrawal and deposit charges, and platform charges. One should calculate the overall fees and charges beforehand to know what bitcoin will cost.

Bitcoin trading can help earn good money if bought and sold cleverly. one should pay attention to the market conditions, news, and the tutorials available online.

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