Bitcoin Casinos – The Evolution of Casinos Without License

Bitcoin Casinos – The Evolution of Casinos Without License

To make something modern, very traditional, we start with something classical. A long time ago. In a world. Far far away, the first online casino saw the light of day. Today, that’s a pure history lesson that you might want to tell your children. It has no value in today’s modern evolution of casinos without a license. We have passed mobile casinos and the power of responsive design. Today, we are looking straight into the naked eye of the emerging market of bitcoin casinos, which might be the new evolution of the iGaming industry.

In this article, you will find out if bitcoin casinos are the new predator on the gambling market that will put an end to and make traditional online casinos an extinct race. We will also study the reasons behind the growing popularity of bitcoin casinos.

Crypto Casinos – Traditional Entertainment on Steroids

Even if most, if not to say all, online casinos are exciting, engaging, and entertaining. Of course, they are! There are also a few that are bad like it is in all areas of life and products. In the world of gambling, it’s of extreme importance to please the wishes of the players.

One way to do that is to use frontline technology. In the emerging markets of iGaming, it seems like bitcoin casinos have become the preferred choice for many players. One might ask themselves why that is. Can it be as simple as bitcoin casinos are traditional entertainment on steroids?

Of course, it can! Here you are invited to play with an exotic currency like bitcoin. It does not end there, but you are also allowed to play with many other cryptocurrencies at the best bitcoin casinos. Only that will bring more power to the excitement and make the adrenalin pump beat in rhythm with your heartbeat.

However, the exotic value of playing at a crypto casino is only one thing that makes bitcoin casinos, the evolution of the casinos without licenses. Below, we will give you the top five reasons for the growing popularity of bitcoin casinos before we look deeper into the future of the iGaming industry.

Looking for the best Bitcoin casinos without a Swedish license

The evolution of gambling is spreading to more Bitcoin casinos without Swedish licenses. Crypto casinos are not licensed in Sweden because the Swedish Gambling Authority does not allow gambling with virtual currencies.

However, all Swedes can play legally in crypto casinos with foreign gambling licenses. Of course, that goes for all other nationalities as well. You will find secure and tested Bitcoin casinos at

Even though the page is in Swedish, everyone can click on the top list and come to an international site in English. From there, you can choose, and will find, the best casinos without Swedish licenses that accept players of all nationalities.

You will also get the best bonuses, unlimited offers, and all the great games. After all, you are searching for something that brings the best gambling experience.

Top 5 Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Bitcoin Casinos

In this article, we look at the broad picture of the evolution of gambling online. However, it is also an individual player in every customer that registers at a bitcoin casino. An online casino that forgets such an aspect of importance will not live to see much of the future in the gambling market.

Luckily, not everything is an individual choice. There is also a magnitude of choices players make all over the field. At the same time, there are many common reasons why they choose to play at a crypto casino instead of a traditional online casino.

We have found five reasons to choose the best bitcoin casino over the traditional online casino that will receive an agreement from most players. Below, we give you what we believe are the top five reasons for the growing popularity of bitcoin casinos.

1. The High Level of Privacy at a bitcoin casino

For some reason, a part of the player community appreciates anonymity online. With the choice of the best bitcoin casino, they will receive a high level of privacy. First, there are anonymous transactions where you only use your cryptocurrency wallet. At the same time, you will also benefit from a high level of privacy when you validate your identity.

Moreover, playing at the best crypto casino offers the possibility of pseudonymity. Today there are many countries where gambling is illegal. You also have all the classes in society and other countries where gambling is viewed as immoral or puts an unsavory character on your person.

For many players, this is the most important reason they choose to play in a crypto casino.

2. The Perfect optimization for online gambling

Today, players appreciate when things are floating seamlessly and created to work together. If you make bank transactions online or pay with a credit card, you will often hit a snag. The reason is simple! Neither credit nor debit cards, and not bank transactions, are payment methods that its creators meant for use online.

When it comes to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that work with blockchain, a story of a design to give the best experience possible for use as a payment method online. All the aspects regarding anonymity, affordability, security, and speed make them perfect for the gambling industry and online casinos.

3. Peace of Mind with Super-Fast Withdrawals

The one thing which is most visible and gives visibility to player experience and satisfaction is the super-fast withdrawals. With the choice of playing at a crypto casino, you will receive online transactions in real time. As all players at traditional online casinos know, they only offer deposits in real-time.

When it comes to withdrawals, the time it takes to receive the money depends on the payment method used. That, as well as the pending time, makes withdrawals at traditional online casinos hit a snag. As a fact, it can take more than a week for international transactions to go through.

By choosing the best bitcoin casino, you will free yourself from the chains traditional payment methods place on your freedom. Withdrawals made with cryptocurrencies usually only take minutes to receive. When it comes to large amounts, it can take up to a few hours. Sometimes, very rarely, a seven figures withdrawal and up can take up to one day.

4. Unprecedented Player Security with Blockchain Technology

As we wrote before, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, together with blockchain technology, give the players both privacy and a high level of security. When you look at traditional payment methods such as credit and debit cards, Skrill, PayPal, and even your bank account, they all include the risk of being hacked.

When you play with bitcoin at a crypto casino, there is no way to be hacked. For that, you can thank blockchain and secure wallets designed for holding cryptocurrencies. To be able to steal from or hack your bitcoin wallet, a person needs to know your private key. As long as no one have access to your private key, you are 100% secure when playing at a crypto casino.

5. You can Receive Super-High Bonuses in Crypto Casinos

As a last top reason for the growing popularity of bitcoin casinos, most of the players at online casinos love bonuses. Even if you can find a great bonus at a traditional online casino, they do not even come close to crypto casinos. Here you sometimes see a new player bonus of up to six bitcoins. That is a big bonus!

However, never stare yourself blind at bonuses. Mostly they come with a high requirement that is hard to reach. Almost every player knows that to win, you have to play for real money.

Bitcoin Casinos – The extinction of traditional online casinos

At last, we will come to the focal point of the harsh reality of the iGaming industry. Is cryptocurrency and bitcoin casinos the new wave? Can this powerful wave meet up with the hero status of Arnie and be the predator that, with full force, will invoke the extinction of traditional payment methods and online casinos?

If you study nature and the never-ending evolution, it seems Darwin was right on top of things. The weak will give in to the strong, and everything will evolve to be more complicated and work more effectively. The ones that survive the fierce competition will outlast the industry itself and grow as a complete stand-alone package.

So, what do we think? Is the traditional online gambling market dead? No, we do not believe it has gone that far yet. However, the older parts of the iGaming industry, are standing on a cliff. The ones who do not evolve will give a smoother passage with smaller rocks to pass for the ones who can read the crystal ball.

In other words, to be safe, we recommend you choose the best bitcoin casino before a traditional online casino. We know that you do not want to stand on that cliff, hand in hand with your online casino when it breaks, and give clear passage for the evolution of Bitcoin casinos without a license.

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