Bitcoin Casinos: Hit the jackpot and win new coins!

Bitcoin Casinos: Hit the jackpot and win new coins!

Online casinos have been growing rapidly in popularity over recent years. There are currently thousands of different casinos online based all around the world. Faster internet connections, improved online security and streamlined mobile apps are just a few of the key reasons for the success of online gambling.

It is clear to see that the online gambling industry has reaped the benefits of advancements in technology. Now, we’re beginning to see even more uses of new technologies with the introduction of various Bitcoin online casinos where cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin can be used for payment and even for in-game wagers. You can see several examples of these Bitcoin casinos in the German market at

Why is Online Gambling So Popular?

As mentioned above, the popularity of online gambling and online casinos has increased dramatically over the past decade or so. While there are various reasons for the success of online gambling, there are a handful of crucial factors.

1. Improved Mobile Technology

Of course, online gambling isn’t only available on mobile devices but the increased use of mobile internet has had a huge impact on the online gambling industry.

Firstly, the mobile internet has been getting faster and faster each year so all online gaming is smoother and faster. Not only is the mobile internet faster, but the overall coverage is also increasing so more people have access to online gambling than ever before.

In addition to better internet capabilities, mobile devices themselves are very powerful now. The added power has enabled companies to create smartphone apps dedicated to playing online casino games. These apps look great, are streamlined and offer a super-smooth gambling experience.

As a result, online gambling is extremely accessible so its popularity really can be no surprise.

The use of advanced-tech in online gambling shows no signs of slowing down. With cryptocurrency payments and blockchain technology being used in the industry.

2. Public Comfort with Online Payments

Not too long ago, much of the public were quite wary when it came to inputting bank or credit card details into a website. Internet security wasn’t as advanced and money-stealing scams were much easier to pull off.

On top of this, online gambling has been heavily connected with shady websites and scams so the public wasn’t exactly keen to give their banking information over.

Fortunately, things are now different since online shopping is such a prominent part of our modern lives. The general public shops online so often that entering their bank details on a website or app is a regular occurrence.

In 2020, this has been taken even further thanks to the lockdown and quarantine restrictions put in place due to the COVID pandemic. Many people had no choice but to buy items online, which means people have become conditioned and comfortable with online payment processes.

3. Savvy Marketing

Online gambling companies go hard when it comes to marketing. They take a multi-channel approach and are experts at getting in front of the right people. They are also then even better at getting those people to sign up with their platforms.

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, online casinos are seen everywhere. If you’re viewing content related in any way to gambling, you can be sure you’ll spot an advert for an online casino there.

They also employ the services of several influencers at all levels from high-profile celebrities to smaller YouTube channels.

However, these companies aren’t just great at making you aware of them. They also have tactics in place to entice you into signing up with them and playing their games.

The most popular example is the various promotional offers and bonuses online casinos regularly run to draw customers in. These can be things like new-customer bonuses and free spins on the slots.

Of course, the bonuses are excellent for the players but they are even more lucrative to the casinos.

Online Gambling Regulations

In the past online gambling was an unregulated industry but this is no longer the case. However, there is no global regulator for online gambling and countries make their own regulations on a national or state level.

This leads to a lot of confusion since there are different rules depending on where you are in the world. Most of the laws that regulate the industry are aimed at online casino operators and not the customer. For example, many Canadian provinces do not allow online casino companies to operate inside their jurisdiction but citizens are allowed to play online casino games.

To remove themselves from the confusion of such laws, online casinos can run their business from one of several online gambling-friendly jurisdictions.

Around the world, there are a number of jurisdictions where the relevant governments have passed laws to allow online gambling operators to house their companies there and remain within the law.

These jurisdictions each have their own set of criteria companies need to meet to obtain a license to operate there. Some of these jurisdictions, such as Alderney, are much more respected than others.

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