Best Programming Languages For Algorithmic Crypto Trading

Best Programming Languages For Algorithmic Crypto Trading

Exploiting algorithmic trading for making deals on the cryptocurrency market is becoming increasingly popular. The reason is that crypto-trading bots are a perfect solution for effective trading. These are customizable digital assistants that can buy and sell crypto money according to the pre-designed rules, analyze the market, send notifications, and make smart predictions regarding the values of coins for the nearest future. Bots are restless helpers that can work for you days and nights with minimum supervision. But what are the most common alternatives for choosing crypto-trading software? Let’s find out the answers.

Algo Trading: Buy Or Code? 

There are two easy ways to begin using crypto trading software. The first one is purchasing a ready-made solution that allows you to start trading in the most effective way almost immediately. The second way is to build your own trading solution with one of the most fitting programming languages. This is a much more complicated way to become a trader, but if you are lucky to succeed, the developed solution will suit all your particular needs perfectly.

It is important to note that some trading software doesn’t require users to write the entire bot from scratch. You can customize some ready-made solutions or create your own one to get the best results. However, it requires having a deep understanding and some experience in a particular programming language.

Top Programming Languages Used In Crypto Trading Software

If you would like to become a professional and get all the advantages of using algorithmic trading, having some basic skills in programming is essential. Here is a list of the most common programming languages used in the algo trading software.


This programming language remains one of the most promising ones in dozens of various areas, including algorithmic trading. Python is famous for its advanced libraries and easy-to-learn basics. Being one of the most beginner-friendly languages, it attracts more and more traders who use it to build Python trading bots. This language allows coming up with both easy and sophisticated bots with a wide range of functions.

Most experts recommend starting learning this programming language if you have no software development or strong technical background. Moreover, you can find tons of various courses on how to code with Python online.


C++ is not as easy-to-use and understandable as Python. However, thousands of professionals still believe it is the best language for using in algo crypto trading software. C++ is a perfect solution for processing high volumes of data in a fast and reliable way. Moreover, the language is considered to be among the most trustworthy since it is widely used in numerous financial legacy systems. 

Unfortunately, C++ might be difficult to learn for newbies in coding. The reason is that it is based on C, so you better have some practice with this language before switching to C++. There are also many manuals and tutorials on how to start coding with C++ on various websites. 


Many beginner algorithmic traders believe that C++ and C# are almost the same. This is a common myth you shouldn’t trust. So, what is the difference between these two? C# is known to be a higher-level component-oriented language, while C++ is a low-level platform-neutral object-oriented programming language. 

You will be surprised to discover that C# is more similar to Java (the languages are usually used for coding the same trading functions) rather than to C++. You can find out dozens of C# online courses at Udemy and other top educational platforms that have reasonable prices.


Many developers and experts in algorithmic trading consider Java as one of the most up-and-coming programming languages. Currently, it is used for a wide range of various purposes, including simulations and modeling. It is a complex but comprehensive programming language. Yet, it is not the easiest alternative to learn for complete beginners. 


If you are not new to programming and software development, it might be a good idea to start using R, the language that has been used for advanced statistics and analyzing data. R can help you with effective algorithmic trading since you can use this programming language for generating different trading signals. 

Although there are not many educational resources for learning R, you can still find some handy and easy-to-understand lessons on Coursera. 

Is It Possible To Avoid Coding When Using Algo Trading? 

What if coding is not among your strong points? Is there any chance to use algorithmic trading for buying and selling digital coins with no need to use any programming languages? Sure! 

You can start using crypto trading software with no coding experience and pick up the best strategies with the help of an intuitively comprehensive program interface. In case you have some manual trading experience, you can set up trading bots in just a couple of moments. Feel free to try different options and functions, get more practice, and take all the benefits of automatizing dozens of trading processes. 

If you would like to dive a bit deeper into the world of algorithmic crypto trading, you might start learning programming to elevate your bots to a higher level. Although gaining programming skills might not be helpful with significantly increasing your profits, you will have an opportunity to get advanced testing and analyzing different types of data, as well as setting up more exclusive and effective trading solutions.


The field of algorithmic crypto trading is developing at a railway speed. If you would like to complete more successful deals, it is vital to choose the most up-to-date and advanced trading bots. Although you have coding skills or not, automated crypto trading is still available for everyone. 

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