Are Android Apps Better Than iOS For Crypto Trading: Here Is What You Should Know?

Are Android Apps Better Than iOS For Crypto Trading: Here Is What You Should Know?

Whether you are using an Android or iOS smartphone, you can trade cryptocurrencies in both of them. Most of the traders think that it’s better to use iOS, others argue that android offers better features. If you are not sure which app to use, then read this article till the end.

I have traded with both types of crypto trading apps that are available on the app store and play store. You will have different trading experience in both of these apps. In this article, I have shared an unbiased review from my experience, and I hope it will help you decide which is better.

Android vs. iOS: Comparison of Crypto Trading Apps

Honestly, there are some apps that are best for iOS, and some are a good fit for Android. At the same time, there are some other apps that are more or less similar in both versions. Keeping that in mind, I have divided the post into three major parts such as:

  • Best iOS Crypto Trading App
  • Best Android Crypto Trading App
  • Best Crypto Trading App for Both

In case you are searching for a BitQT App, consider Binance, which is the largest crypto trading platform in the world based on volume. Now let us continue with the comparison of iOS and Android Apps for crypto trading.

Best iOS Crypto Trading App

Most of us think that iOS crypto trading apps are better than Android from the brand’s point of view. However, that’s not the right way to compare the apps. I have used many apps for trading cryptocurrencies on the iPhone, but they are not as good as some Android apps. But some of the apps like perform better on the iPhone. Although it is available in both versions, the interface and features are a good fit for Apple phones. This is the first crypto trading app I used for my iOS device, and it offers all the necessary features you need for trading crypto coins. It also allows you to buy cryptocurrencies through debit and credit cards.

Even though it does not support many cryptocurrencies, it offers the most popular crypto coins. You can make regular transactions like deposit and withdrawal directly from the app.

Best Android Crypto Trading App

Do you have an Android smartphone, then you have several options. However, KuCoin is new in this field, but it provides the top-notch features in its Android version.

KuCoin for Android: KuCoin offers its crypto trading services like Binance but with some advanced features. As you know that Binance is the largest and one of the most popular crypto trading platforms. This new crypto trading app offers you some more features for trading crypto coins.

It is available for both iOS and Android, but the Android version performs better. Some of the features are not available in the iOS version. Now, let us explore the crypto trading app that is suitable for both smartphones.

Best Crypto Trading App for Both

No matter which smartphones do you own, Coinbase Pro offers the best services in both versions.

Coinbase: Coinbase is one of the best crypto trading apps in security, privacy, and other features. It allows you to trade multiple cryptocurrencies, and the dedicated team is working hard to improve the platform every new update. The app gives you easy navigation and one of the easiest to use the crypto trading app for beginners and professionals. Both the versions are best for trading cryptocurrencies.


After reading the comparison of Android and iOS apps for crypto trading, you may have gained some insight into choosing which one is better for you. No matter which version of the apps you use, it’s essential to learn how to trade and learn an effective trading strategy. If you have any queries regarding trading, please mention below.



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