A summary of minting technology in the PLC Ultima cryptosystem

A summary of minting technology in the PLC Ultima cryptosystem

The growth of the cryptocurrency market in 2021 has broken every record imaginable. In as little as 10 months, the industry’s capitalisation figures reached $2.6 trillion. However, this is only the beginning! New cryptocurrencies, built upon new functioning systems, come into the market every day. Collectively, they are sure to change the crypto world, turning it into a secure place for transparent payments. One of the most widely spoken-about projects is PLC Ultima. This coin has remedied the shortcomings of Bitcoin and other coins. The PLC Ultima blockchain is based on the Litecoin blockchain. Allowing PLC Ultima blockchain to attain network stability, transparency, and high transaction processing speeds and with the ability to use the Segregated Witness protocol upgrade.

The project has Napoleonic plans: it seeks to create its own market, become an everyday means of payment, and merge different marketplace resources under the same brand. We will tell you why PLC Ultima has every chance of changing the payment system and explain how the project intends to bring in money to its holders.

What is minting?

That is the extraction of PLC Ultima cryptocurrency. It is completely different from mining, which creates new “crypto” blocks on extremely demanding hardware. Once upon a time, mining permitted cryptocurrency holders to receive new coins as a reward for automatically finding new blocks. However, it has several disadvantages: the equipment used for mining is noisy, consumes a huge amount of electricity, and becomes a big problem for urban infrastructure. So how can you “earn” coins in this situation? Once again, minting technology comes to the rescue. This is passive earnings of cryptocurrency from a computer or smartphone of any model. It is simple and energy-efficient, requires no special equipment, and won’t cost as much money. Since 2016, minting has constantly been assessed throughout the development of the PLC Ultima project. It has proven itself to be an excellent method for the future of cryptocurrencies.

How does minting work?

The user has to freeze PLC Ultima coins for a certain amount of time to start the process. As a result, coins will not disappear from your wallet. Neither will they “drift” into the hands of any third parties, and you will be able to determine the number of frozen coins yourself. For freezing coins, namely, keeping them fully in the balance of your wallet, rather than selling them on the market, the user will then receive new PLCU coins. The fulfilment of all conditions is guaranteed by a smart contract. This special algorithm ensures the fulfilment of all agreements both on your part and on the part of the project.

To start making money by having PLC Ultima coins, you must declare your desire to participate in minting, purchase a certain number of coins and not use them (buy, sell, or exchange them) for a specific time.

What is Ultima Farm?

This special application enables you to mine coins by storing PLC Ultima coins in your wallet. Here, coins are not just frozen but blocked too. Users who hold PLCU coins, that is, keep them in their active wallet connected to the Internet, but do not make any transactions with them, receive a reward for this. Ultima Farm operates for one to three years (but not any longer). The coins received as a result of the application operation can be spent the same way as frozen coins or the ones purchased on the PLCU exchange. There is no difference between them.

To get started with the “farm”, download the Ultima Farm application, log in, and create a Farm Wallet, which is a separate wallet where the coins will be held. Then you should send the required number of coins to it using your “regular” PLCU wallet. Next, you must enter into a smart contract to verify the cryptocurrency’s flow into your account. Your earnings will be monthly, and the number of coins you receive will be identical. Finally, you can calculate how much money you will earn in two months and even a year from now. You will be confident you will receive the full amount.

What is Ultima Minter?

As mentioned, this is a certificate that lets you passively mine PLCU coins. Somewhat holding them in your wallet, as quarrying is out of the question, as, on the contrary, is the case with mining. Therefore, the minter is linked to the Ultima Farm application, saving coins and multiplying them.

The number of users who can mine coins is strictly limited. As well as the number of coins that are available for mining. This has been determined by the PLC Ultima mission: the project intends to improve the crypto industry and does not want to become a platform for quick, unjust earnings. Therefore, Ultima Minter certificates are paid, and their validity period will depend on their category. The better the type, the more coins you can sell.

Is there a licensed exchange of crypto and fiat currency?

This type of pilot project already exists. We plan to release special terminals, so-called cryptomats, enabling exchanging PLC Ultima blockchain coins for fiat money. A reverse exchange will also be possible. To complete the transaction, all you will need is a smartphone with the Ultima WALLET application installed on it.

Will it be possible to pay for goods and services using PLCU?

Yes, it will. There is already a platform, PlatinSale, which works on the principle of familiar marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Ozon. In addition, we will soon be launching a more global service, PlatinDeal, where you can set up a shop, sell your products, and buy anything with PLCU. All the members of the PLCU community will be able to receive goods and services by exchanging coins for certificates from the largest stores in the world.

The main objective of the PLC Ultima cryptocurrency is to simplify the use of blockchain coins and integrate them into everyday life. To do this, the project has created a whole ecosystem where you can earn money, invest, and buy goods and services. There are many exciting discoveries ahead – keep an eye on PLCU so you don’t miss out on any new product launches!

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