A List of 10 Creative Ways to Use PowerPoint to Explain Cryptocurrency to Beginners

A List of 10 Creative Ways to Use PowerPoint to Explain Cryptocurrency to Beginners

The popularity of PowerPoint uses spreads across all sectors. It is mainly popular due to its wide range of template customization features. You can add images, graphs, text, videos, and audio to your templates. The software can be used nearly anywhere to present reports or teach. One of the ways PowerPoint can be used is to explain cryptocurrency to beginners. There are different ways you can prepare and present your slides for ease of understanding.


What is a cryptocurrency, and how does it work in blockchain technology?

The term cryptocurrency refers to any type of digital currency that exists in the blockchain network. Many people use the short form crypto for ease of reference. It uses cryptography to ensure all transactions are secure. The currencies lack a centralized regulating authority. Instead, they use a decentralized system to capture all transactions.

It is entirely a peer-to-peer system where anyone can send or receive payments. Users create wallets that are stored in the public ledger. The currencies work in a decentralized and distributed public ledger. All transactional data automatically updates in the ledger.

Users create crypto units through the process of mining. It uses complex mathematical formulas to create coins. Another way to obtain coins is to buy from brokers. Every coin that is generated is stored in the user’s online wallet.

How to explain crypto for beginners using PowerPoint

You can benefit from developing a great PowerPoint presentation to teach crypto to newbies. Nevertheless, you can easily get messed up and create unattractive slides. You need to be unique in choosing colors, fonts, images, audio, and so on. If you are still learning, you can order PowerPoint presentation help from EduBirdie. The agency offers quality PowerPoint presentation writing services by expert writers. The good thing about them is that you can connect with presentation writers anytime. There are different ways that you can explain crypto for beginners using PowerPoint.

Use different styles of texts

Text is one of the easiest ways to explain cryptocurrency to beginners. Your audience needs to read it quickly and grasp the concept. Minimize your texts but adopt different styles. Use varying font sizes and types, and bold them.

Play with colors

Colors make your slides attractive and help attract attention. You can use colors to explain the uses of cryptocurrencies. You cannot use colors alone, but you need to add text for ease of understanding. Change text colors but let it align with the background.

Add images

One image can be used to explain a host of words. They are perfect when explaining the different types of crypto coins out there. Take screenshots of the coins and add them to your slides.

Use animation

If you have researched your presentation well, you can add animation to hook your audience. You can use it to explain the different strategies for trading with crypto coins. Choose relevant animation to avoid confusing your audience.

Tell stories

Stories are good when you want to explain the history of cryptocurrencies. You can use stories to explain the dilemma behind the real identity of the creator of Bitcoin. Stories are easy to remember and understand.

Customize your slides

You might choose to work with pre-designed PowerPoint templates. However, you can make your presentation better by creating customized slides. Depending on your audience or environment, you might need larger, smaller, or brighter slides.

Add cryptocurrency examples

In the blockchain system, you will find thousands of cryptocurrencies. You might not get time to discuss all of them. However, you can add some of the main cryptos as examples to your audience.

Use audio

Audio from a crypto expert can help you explain key crypto basics to your audience. You might get a better response if you combine audio with graphics. Add tables, graphs, and charts to explain points.

Pay attention to design creativity

Design creativity includes the type of shapes, colors, and effects that you choose for your slides. Part of the design includes adding a welcome slide, menu, and summary slide.

Show consistency

Consistency is the key to showing professionalism and creativity on your part. If you choose to use a certain background color, let it be consistent all through. Maintain font style, slide sizes, and text population.


The use of PowerPoint is popular across all business fields. One of the ways you can use the software is to explain cryptocurrency to beginners. You need to explain what is cryptocurrency and how it works. Choose the right fonts and information to explain crypto for beginners. You may add images, audio, or animation to make your slides look attractive.

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