88% of Metacade’s Beta Presale Tokens Sold As Over $990k Flows Into P2E Arcade Project

88% of Metacade’s Beta Presale Tokens Sold As Over $990k Flows Into P2E Arcade Project

GameFi and crypto investors are flocking to the Metacade presale to pick up the hottest play-to-earn (P2E) token available right now. The MCADE beta stage has seen over $990k worth of tokens sold at $0.008 per token in under 3 weeks, with only 12% of tokens are left before the price rises. 

Metacade is bringing arcade gaming to the metaverse and gamers are thrilled to see old-school favorites being brought to life on blockchain. The core of Metacade is P2E with the platform offering many ways for its users to earn rewards.

After the beta stage of the presale sells out, the MCADE token price will rise to $0.01 – a 25% increa

se from the previous round. With nine stages in the presale, it is set to rise gradually, so the sooner investors get their hands on MCADE, the better. By the final presale stage the price will have risen over 2.5x to $0.02. 

What is Metacade? 

Metacade is a community-driven P2E gaming platform. It will host a variety of games from arcade favorites with everything from action and RPG. Developers and companies will be able to build whatever they choose in the arcade. This should provide players with an eclectic range of gaming options. 

The premise of Metacade is building a platform “by gamers, for gamers”, so the team wants to offer the community as much say as possible in the direction of Metacade. Users will be able to vote on what games they want to see built on the platform, provide feedback and leave reviews, and earn rewards for their engagement with the community. 

Metacade aims to be a go-to hub for the GameFi community where users can play competitively or relax and game casually. It will be a place for gamers to connect with one another, as well as meet developers and entrepreneurs of the gaming world. Players will come to Metacade to discover the latest gaming alpha and find out information about what’s trending in the space. 

The platform is dedicated to giving back to its users with reward opportunities everywhere: MCADE holders can earn through staking, competing in tournaments, sharing gaming knowledge, game testing, and much more. 

Will Metacade be a success? 

With such a huge reaction to its presale from investors and over $993k already poured into the project, the metaverse arcade is obviously turning heads in the crypto sphere. 

Metacade is a breath of fresh air amongst the doom and gloom of the crypto bear market and is delivering a project to investors and Web3 enthusiasts actually understand, which can be hard to say about many other crypto projects. 

It will be easy to see the project go from strength to strength as its presale excitement continues. The Metacade roadmap is ambitious yet comprehensive in building a successful GameFi platform that will no doubt see the value of MCADE skyrocket. 

How to buy MCADE tokens 

You can buy MCADE on Metacade.co by following these simple instructions. You will need to have a crypto wallet containing ETH or USDT before you make a purchase. Connect your wallet to the Metacade DEX and swap your tokens for MCADE. 

Be quick if you want to pick up the final beta-stage tokens, as it’s unlikely this low price will be seen again. 

Find out more on Metacade.co.

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