5 Web 3.0 Crypto Coins You Should Invest In

5 Web 3.0 Crypto Coins You Should Invest In

Known as the revolutionary step towards the advancement of the internet, web 3.0 has awakened people’s interest in it. It has made the internet faster and allowed it to perform complex operations like trading crypto, programming artificial intelligence-controlled robots and machinery, and helping people reach the Metaverse, the other side of the world.

Its decentralized functionality has helped people trade crypto through secure and encrypted means. You don’t have to be influential or buy a heavy subscription to be a part of web 3.0; anyone from anywhere can enjoy its facilities.

Many cryptocurrencies are relying on its functionalities on web 3.0, and they have been performing significantly well. Crypto owners are upgrading their systems to work on web 3.0 so that it becomes easier for the audience to use it and get access to it. Here are some cryptocurrency coins that are working efficiently through web 3.0.

  • Ethereum

After the launch of Ethereum in 2014, its founder Gavin Woods coined the term web 3.0 and established it as a solution to the problems many crypto owners were facing. The main problem was that the normal web wasn’t allowing people to make transactions or trade without going through hundreds of verification processes. Through web 3.0, you can make more smart contract approvals than any other cryptocurrency project.

  • Uniswap

Uniswap is one of the most famous crypto coins that work swiftly on web 3.0 through decentralization. When you search for the best cryptocurrency operating through web 3.0, you will find that most of them highlight the fact that they are “decentralized.” What decentralization does is that it reduces extra authentication. Crypto blocks are unchangeable once the higher-ups verify them. No one can change them. So, they are already secure. Plus, all the data on the public ledger does not reveal the owner’s credentials, so your identity is completely sealed.

  • Tamadoge

One of the very famous crypto coins from the Doge community is Tamadoge. It is different from other currencies as it operates on the play-to-earn system. You may generate revenue from the coziness of your own place. Earn free crypto by playing games and completing challenges; quite a fun way to earn money, right?

Tamadoge is the foundation of the Tamaverse; you can play games and earn credits in TAMA, which is given to the players through a prize pool. The key attraction of Tamadoge is the pets; each individual will have their own avatar based on pets, which can be considered NFTs and created through Smart Contracts. Players can purchase them through tama stores from their TAMA tokens. 

  • Battle Infinity

Another Metaverse project that helps you earn utility coins by playing games. It has deployed six different games that users can easily participate in. IBAT is the platform’s utility token which is available at the center of the Battle Infinity game studio. These tokens are created through Binance Smart Chance and are operated as BEP-20 protocols. 

The players can earn the tokens as in-game rewards. The tokens can also be exchanged as cryptocurrency, and you can cash them to fulfill your commodities. An additional benefit is that players can buy virtual land plots via IBAT, which behave as NFTs.

  • Cosmos

Cosmos is famous for interconnecting cryptocurrencies. For example, you cannot share data between Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is a bitcoin loophole as both of them are different currencies. This problem is solved by “Blockchain Interoperability,” as it aims to connect all the cryptocurrencies with each other, which in reality hasn’t been possible.

You can buy Cmos’ digital token, “ATOM,” which lets you overcome this problem by easily sharing data between crypto. Either Bitcoin or Luna, you can share your data between them all.

Ending Note

Web 3.0 will soon become the internet’s next big thing. Crypto has already been booming, and when it is interconnected to web 3.0, it makes things easier for its users. If you are an avid crypto trader, you should definitely get into more details about this revolutionary step towards the internet. 

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