5 Tools to Have in Place Before Investing in Crypto

5 Tools to Have in Place Before Investing in Crypto

Investing in anything means having the right tools in place before wading into the markets. Modern investing is entirely digital and success is often predicated upon having the right digital infrastructure at your disposal. What’s more, cryptocurrencies are entirely digital assets, so analogue trading and investing isn’t even an option. 

Getting safely and responsibly into the cryptocurrency markets requires not just a significant amount of self-education and understanding, but some technology in place before you can begin successful buying, selling, storing and analyzing your assets. Below are 5 tools to have in place before investing in crypto.

A Compound Interest Calculator

There are different compound interest calculators available for different coins. They help you arrive at how much interest you can expect to receive over a specific period of time, how compound interest adds to your savings, how to arrive at the compound interest amount for a particular cryptocurrency, and your total profit (interest plus capital appreciation) over time. 

Many sites that specialize in crypto news and investing have compound interest calculators available for download or that are already part of the site. It is a good idea to have one of these bookmarked and easily accessible before you start trading. 

A Trading Terminal 

Most serious investors who are interested in making short-term gains on crypto use a trading terminal to connect to the big exchanges to make their trades. These are similar to the trading terminals used by traders at big investment banks and financial institutions and feed you up-to-the-minute information on prices and movement. 

Serious traders usually have more than one terminal and perhaps a desktop screen dedicated to each one so that they are able to maximize their trading efficiency and use of time. A lot of all-in-one crypto platforms, that also function as bot portfolio allocators and investors, offer a terminal as part of the package. 


There have been some unfortunate crypto hacking stories and massive thefts that have occurred over the last couple of years which, for good reason, have put investors on edge. Crypto is not insured like other assets held at a bank or other financial institution would be, so if you lose everything, it’s gone for good. 

Most exchanges use HTTPS end-to-end encryption, which makes it hard for hackers to intercept your data, but a good VPN is added protection that many investors and traders insist on. There are both free and paid VPNs that help hide your data from cybercriminals. 

A Portfolio Manager/Tracker

Portfolio managers are important because they let you track which coins you have invested on which exchanges. Without a portfolio manager, it is more difficult to make important portfolio allocation decisions. 

There are some ok free portfolio managers available, but the best ones are usually a paid service. The bottom line, however, is that whether you are holding crypto long-term or are trying to take advantage of short-term price swings, a portfolio tracker is a must-have. 

A Crypto-News Aggregator

Markets can change quickly and erratically, and crypto markets change even faster. Trading fiat currencies is a volatile business, but trading cryptocurrencies, because they are still not institutionally-backed and subject to a lot of hearsay, is more so. In order to stay up to date on what is happening with and to the various coins and exchanges, you need to have a centralized place for all that information. 

A crypto news aggregator takes all of the day’s, week’s, and even hour’s stories, social media buzz and commentary and puts it into a single place. Sites like Coinsutra, Newsbtc, and Bitcoinist are all vital sources of information that are checked daily and often compulsively by those who trade and invest in crypto. 


Cryptocurrencies are either terrible investments or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in a genuine monetary system revolution, depending on who you ask. Regardless of what kind of investor you’re talking to, however, anyone who makes a living or even just plays around in the market (with cryptocurrency or otherwise) will insist that you have the necessary investing infrastructure and processes in place before using real currency, fiat or crypto. 

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