5 Points to Remember When Selling Options

5 Points to Remember When Selling Options

Whether you are buying or selling a call options contract, there are some important points that any novice investor should know and understand before attempting to jump into the market.

Sellers can make money quickly and with less risk than buyers but still need to be careful as they learn the ropes. Here are five things that every option seller needs to consider.

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1. Understanding the Option Contract

An options trading platform allows traders to monitor the price of their options contracts at all times. However, this is not true in reality. The best way for an investor to understand the potential profit and loss of an option contract is to copy as many contracts as possible and start buying or selling them.

Many investors will start out doing this by opening a brokerage account and checking the current market price of their contract. When they notice it is higher or lower than expected, they will then purchase or sell with the intent of making a profit. However, they may not even be aware of the changes in their contract’s price until later.

What do you think of when you hear the word option? In some cases, people think “risky,” but that is not always the case. You can use the option to hedge against losses to your portfolio, or you can use them to speculate as part of your investments. According to the experts at tastytrade, selling options is right for you or any other individual.

2. Understand the Risk

The biggest disadvantage for an options seller is that they are on the hook for any losses related to the option. This means that if you believe a stock or another asset will go down in price and you sell an option, you are responsible for paying that buyer if he decides to exercise his rights as part of the contract.

The second disadvantage for sellers is they are also on the hook to pay the option’s premium, which is the amount of money you receive above what the asset will be worth at expiration. This means that even if you think the asset in question will go up in price over time, you still have to pay an option buyer’s premium to secure your right.

3. Be Aware of Volatility

Selling an option contract presents a unique way of making money. While you do not have to wait long for your payout, the process is usually hazardous if you do not truly understand the market you are trading in. If you know nothing about volatility, for instance, it may be a good time to learn.

Volatility is one of the factors that will affect the price of an option. Generally speaking, higher volatility means that options are more likely to be exercised and less likely to expire worthlessly. This means that sellers need to know how the market they are getting into fluctuates to set a price on the option and not get stuck with an exercise.

4. Know Your Suffixes

There are four types of options contracts: put, call, straddle, and strangle. The type you choose for your option will depend on your goals. Whether you want to make money quickly or not will affect your choice as well.

Each type has its expiration time frame and risks that you must take into account. As an options seller, the last thing you want to do is leave money on the table by not understanding the full process.

5. Know Your Short Strike

This is the price that you are hoping the option expires at because it will be a loss for the buyer of your option contract. Many factors will affect this price, but it is always best to understand how the market you are buying into has been performing and what the market’s future potential may be.


Sellers of options contracts can come in all shapes and sizes. While it would be nice to make money as quickly as possible, it is important to understand your risk before getting into a contract. By doing some research before selling, you will not only save yourself some money but also know if it is time to learn the ins and outs of the market you are trading in.


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