4 Cryptocurrency Wallets that You Should Consider

4 Cryptocurrency Wallets that You Should Consider

Just like you keep your money and other valuables in a wallet so you can access them quickly, the same goes for the Bitcoin system. You will have to invest in a crypto wallet to keep your digital assets in one place for easy access and storage.

Crypto wallets are accessible through the internet and also without it. Hot wallets require an internet connection to store all your data on the blockchain. Cold wallets store your data on your computer hardware which you can access at any time without needing the internet. Experts say that traders should keep 80% of their crypto in a cold wallet, and the rest should be kept in a hot wallet for emergency transactions or to pay for fees and other stuff.

You cannot trust any company to serve as your crypto wallet. Individuals pose as crypto wallet providers to steal your data and rob you of your savings. So, we have listed our five picks that are reliable and provide unswerving security to your cryptocurrency.

  • Meta Mask – Ethereum’s Companion

If you own Ethereum or are planning to trade with Ethereum, you can blindly go for Meta Mask as your crypto wallet. It has over 30 million active users due to its user-friendly interface and easy navigation for beginners. 

It is built on open-source code, allowing developers to check the software and provide updates whenever needed. The Meta Mask servers will never know about your information and private keys as they are stored locally, and you have the right to encryption.

  • CoinBase Wallet – For All the Rookies

It is the best choice for those starting with a crypto trade because it is specially designed to cater to them. Coinbase is supported by BlackRock, which ensures its credibility and security. The software connects to major bank accounts, so you aren’t required to switch banks. The UX has a convenient three-tab layout and easy-to-spot options to browse the website smoothly.

Coinbase Exchange and Coinbase Wallet are separate entities. Coinbase Exchange is the oldest and most reliable trading platform. You can hold your digital assets on the web wallet, which makes it vulnerable and poses a threat. Coinbase Wallet is the solution to that. Securely put all your digital asset’s keys and passwords to keep them safe from cybercriminals.

  • BlueWallet – A Solution for Mobile Users

If you are tired of understanding complex software on your PC, then Bluewallet is the best alternative for you. It is focused on enhancing the Bitcoin experience as it is only dedicated to that platform. But Bitcoin also provides endless opportunities. Plus, the saturation in the Bitcoin market has given rise to scammers, which pose as digital wallet providers but, in turn, steal your information to gain access to your assets.

It has easy access and navigation for beginners, making it a credible choice. The app also includes sophisticated features for experienced users, which can enhance their experience and make things more convenient, especially if they have multiple investments. BlueWallets lets its users send group transactions, set up their fees, and get a Tor connection for ultimate privacy.

  • Exodus: Desktop-Friendly Wallet

It is the most appealing and visually-enhanced wallet on the market. It started as a desktop-only wallet but gradually launched its mobile application for Android and iOS, which can also be linked with Trezor wallets. As a desktop-operating wallet, it is available across Mac, Linux, and Windows and gets updated every two weeks.


Crypto wallets protect your information by keeping it away from malicious hackers and cybercriminals. You don’t want your precious assets to get washed away by a small mistake. So, it is convenient to apply for crypto wallets. But always do a background check of the wallet provider and then give your details to it. 


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