3 Trading Methods For Effective Trading

3 Trading Methods For Effective Trading

The highs and lows of the cryptocurrency market depend on the availability of a specific currency and how people are trading. If there are more short-term traders than long-term ones, the market will fluctuate more often than usual.

It also helps you cement your place in this competitive market. Applying the right strategies will earn more profit and extend your time in the crypto market. If you fall into the hands of the wrong strategies, then you might face more loss than intended, and it will wipe away your savings.

One more thing about strategies is that only some strategies work equally for everyone. It depends on the market trends, your crypto’s value, and the currency’s fluctuation. If someone tried strategy “A” last year and earned huge profits, and you are trying the strategy this year, you may fail because the market changes within days. A strategy that worked last year will not work this year. You can see the near history and market trends to estimate what will work. 

Here are some of our picks of the best strategies that are suitable for beginners and experienced traders.

  • Range Trading

You can escape the volatility and fluctuations of the crypto market. So, to take this property to your advantage, you can opt for Range Trading. In this type of trading strategy, you will have to set a range to buy and sell your tokens over a certain period of time. The range which is lower will act as your point of entering, and the higher range will be your exiting point.

For instance, if the value of Bitcoin is $16,000 this week, and it is estimated to rise to $16,200 after two weeks, your range will be from $16,000 to $16,200. BTC can be purchased at a reduced rate and sold at a higher premium.

This trading strategy requires extensive knowledge of market trends. You can estimate the range out of nowhere because a little misjudgment can lead to great losses.

  • RSI Trading

Short for the Relative Strength Index, it is an effective tool to help cryptocurrency traders observe the market trends of a particular currency. It tells all the details of whether crypto is undersold or overbought, overvalued or undervalued, or if a reverse trend will happen. If the RSI is over 70, it shows that the currency is overbought, and if it is under 30, that means the selling has crossed the threshold. 

You can use RSI with other trading tools for the technical examination of crypto and to find out market trends’ rise and fall, which would be helpful in Range Trading. If the RSI shows an overbought situation, traders should cease their trades until they fall below 50. When the value is 30 or under, it shows a good buying condition; when it is 70 or over, it shows a good selling condition.

  • Scalping

Scalping is one of the short-term strategies which traders apply to align their day trades. Traders make short-lived and frequent trades to make a substantial profit by the end of the day. Scalping helps traders quickly sum up profits from small price movements, considering the varying nature of the crypto numbers.

Scalping moves with uncertain prices, providing leverage and a good stop-loss budget. Traders need to have a deep knowledge of the technical aspects of charting tools and have the capability to make quick decisions. Scalp traders have the advantage of gaining sums of profit in lesser time. Those cryptocurrencies with good selling prices and massive trading volumes are the accepted choice for scalp traders.


These are some of the main trading techniques out of the many that you can apply to your trading strategies. To find which is suitable, you must look at your budget, the ongoing market trends, and how much loss you can handle. You can also check out an online broker like https://the-bitcoin-billionaire-pro.com/es to help you get started with trading.

Never choose a strategy that works for your buddy. As said before, strategies work differently for everyone. So don’t copy anyone else’s strategy. You can definitely ask for their advice but do what suits you the best.

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