3 Incredible Apps That Will Level Up Your Fashion

3 Incredible Apps That Will Level Up Your Fashion

Have you always wanted to be fashionable but never known how? Some people just seem to be born with great taste. Then there are those of us who wouldn’t be able to identify good color combinations to save our lives.

For this reason, whenever I buy clothes or accessories, I go with the simple options. Colors like black and white, with which you can’t go wrong. However, lately I’ve wanted to experiment just a little more.

The good news is that, as with everything from online shopping to currency itself, there are apps that can help you level up your fashion. These apps will show you the perfect clothing or accessories that will suit your face and body type.

Try the following 3 incredible apps to improve your style.

Glasses to fit your face

As a short-sighted person, finding the right glasses for my face has been the bane of my existence. I might see something that I love, but the moment someone else sees it on my face, they immediately know it’s not meant to be. Different glasses styles suit different faces.

Fortunately there is now a range of apps designed to do this for you. They analyse your face and show you the best styles for you. Then you can try on different options to see how they will look when you have them on.

Once you know what style to buy, you can shop for discount glasses. When done right, they are the perfect accessory to level up any outfit.


When it comes to finding the right outfit with what you already have, Mode-Relier is a lifesaver. This brilliant app stores every clothing item that you have in your wardrobe and lets you go wild. Rather than having to dress up in all of your clothes to figure out what works (and still struggling), you can flip through an outfit in a moment.

While you still need to have an eye for what works and what doesn’t, this is a lot easier than putting the outfit together in the first place and assessing it while wearing it. After all, you can tell when someone else looks good. The hard part is assessing yourself with a bit more objectivity and distance.


Do you want to see what the clothes will look like on your body before you go out and buy them? Drest lets you play with a photo-realistic avatar, allowing you to try different types of clothing on it

We all know how uncomfortable changerooms get in real life and that it’s not easy trusting those mirrors. Online shopping is difficult, on the other hand, because something that looks great in photos might look terrible on you.

Drest lets you build your fashion sensibilities before you start shopping. It gamifies the creation of outfits, using models of different skin tones. You begin to learn what works and what definitely does not.

These apps won’t magically turn you into a fashion designer, but they will level up your style. If you need a new wardrobe, try them now.

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