3 Amazing Study Apps Every Learner Should Check

3 Amazing Study Apps Every Learner Should Check

It is hard to imagine our lives without all the tech that makes it easier. There are apps and devices for almost every imaginable situation. And developers are tirelessly working to fill in the existing blanks. 

Education is by no means an exception from the rule. Study apps are oftentimes the only thing that keeps students from getting completely overwhelmed by the sheer size of their workload.

Creating a compact and efficient setup to help you with your studies can make a world of difference. Every app brings something unique to the table. But if you try to make use of them all at once they might start to weigh you down. 

The less app bloat there is the more comfortable you will feel. You can also read reviews of the offer or service at any time on trustpilot.com. Let’s take a look at three of the universal most popular apps out there that every learner should check.


Plagiarism is one of the main things top essay writing reviews pay special attention to. It is also a major concern for educators in virtually every field. They are trying their best to ensure that the ideas students present are original and not simply a carbon copy of someone else’s work. And with the sheer amount of work students are expected to take care of on a daily basis it can be very tempting to try and cut a corner or two.

Considering the sheer amount of information circulating on the web manually checking for plagiarism becomes pretty much impossible. Tools like Quetext help both educators and students to automate this process and save a lot of time. 

Subjecting the final draft of all your written assignments to a quick plagiarism check should definitely become a part of your routine even if you try your best to not rely too much on your sources.

Sometimes you might accidentally quote some article you read through as you were doing your research. You might not even realize you’ve done it but it will get flagged by the plagiarism checker nonetheless. And there is no way to prove that you didn’t do it on purpose. 

So it’s better to be safe than sorry. A quick check takes less than a minute. But it can save you hours of extra work.


The cornerstone of success for any student is the ability to organize your notes quickly and efficiently. A freshman that neglects this essential part of the student routine will soon realize that there is simply too much info thrown at them to rely solely on their memory. 

That’s where various organizer apps come in. The market is vast with various tools filling different niches, just to name a few:

  • Trello;
  • Timeful;
  • Todoist;
  • NoteCircle, etc.

But when it comes to fulfilling the needs of students few apps can rival the popularity of Evernote. It’s really easy to use and has all the functionality you’ll ever need to make sense of your endless notes. 

Whenever you need to quickly jot down some important info – you can be absolutely sure it won’t be lost. Markdown whatever it is you want to keep track of and return to it later to attach all the relevant files to it.

Hemingway Editor

Regardless of what you are studying in college, you will have to do quite a lot of writing. Not only that but you are also expected to be good at it from the get-go. 

No one is going to hold your hand. There is no time to go back to the basics. So if you don’t have your writing down it might be quite challenging to improve since there is little to none guidance available on the matter.

Not to worry, you can still fix the problem yourself. If your professors won’t waste time on improving your writing style you can always self-educate. And when it comes to improving one’s writing there are few better options than Hemingway Editor out there. It is very straightforward and minimalistic. But it does its job extremely well and all of its features are beyond useful.

The scan of your text only takes a couple of seconds tops. After the scan is done you are faced with a very helpful in-depth analysis of your writing. There are several different criteria the algorithm uses to find imperfections.

Each one is color-coded which makes it very easy to see what is wrong and why. After you make corrections the app automatically recalculates your score in real-time and lets you know whether your text has benefited from the edit. 

After you are down with your fixes your text will be way more pleasant to read. And a paper that is easy on the eyes always gets extra points for effort.

As helpful as it is, you should always remember that any app is written by humans. That means it is prone to making occasional mistakes whenever its algorithm fails (or performs a little bit too well). 

Treat the summary as a suggestion rather than an instruction. It is ultimately your call whether or not to change your wording. This tool simply points your attention in the right direction.

Final Words

These apps each cover a very particular part of common student work. But they might not cover every single assignment you get. If you need some extra features – don’t be shy to search for a different solution. 

Every student’s setup is individual. There is no need to cling to one thing at a time. Your best bet would be to constantly tweak and tune your setup according to your current needs.

The tools you use might be very helpful. But they can’t do all the work for you. They will certainly make your studying much easier. But you still have to do the majority of the legwork. What they can do is save you a lot of time by taking care of the most routine tasks. 

Your responsibility is to make good use of that time and make sure it doesn’t go to waste.


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