1xBit and 2022 World Cup: The Perfect Match

1xBit and 2022 World Cup: The Perfect Match

The 2022 World Cup promises to be the most unusual and entertaining event this autumn! There are so many teams and players to look out for; now, let us get further into what this World Cup has in store for you and the rest of the globe.


The 2022 World Cup premier will see 32 teams participate in the tournament, with the opening game set to hold with the host country, Qatar taking on Ecuador on November 20 at the Al Bayt stadium.

Although the 2022 World Cup was earlier scheduled to start on November 21 without the host team being on the scene, FIFA made changes to avoid breaking the tradition that began in 2006 of the host nation opening the tournament. For this, FIFA decided that Qatar and Ecuador would play on 20 November, thus continuing the tradition.

Matches, Teams, and Players to Watch Out for

The 2022 World Cup will bring out a lot of rivalry and sportsmanship – many players and countries will be eager to prove their worth. You can say this feeling of Kylian Mbappé, the french attacker who has been broiled in some aspect of controversy following his decision to back off the Real Madrid deal. However, the french star has represented his country favorably in the 2018 World Cup, and now may be a golden opportunity to prove his naysayers wrong.

For Lionel Messi, the 2022 World Cup may as well be his last stint, so fans and foes alike will direct more gaze and attention at the Argentine player.

Discussing countries to watch out for will highlight one of the historic matches – between England and the USA, which will see the former trying once again to prove themselves against the latter, especially in the presence of popular attackers like Harry Kane playing for the English side.

While the group stage matches will end on December 2, round 16 will start the following day and end on December 6, and then countries who qualify will play other stages until December 18 – the grand finale.

Unique Features Present in the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup is unique for several reasons; you may not know this, but this is the first world cup to be held in the Middle East, and Qatar will be the second Asian country to host such a competition.

The upcoming games will also be the first to be held during the winter to avoid the ever-rising desert temperatures in Qatar.

With the many uniqueness of this World Cup, 1xBit, the crypto betting site, has also decided to make it more exciting with its launch of the Ticket Rush tournament. The tournament may see you among players sharing the 3 BTC prize fund just for betting on your favorite teams in the 2022 World Cup competition.

The tournament is just one of the many benefits that 1xBit brings to the table.

Bet on World Cup at 1xBit

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The 2022 World Cup competition is the moment of passion; 1xBit stands ready to fuel your passion with its many advantages, bonus offers, and tournaments, so join the winners on 1xBit.

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